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Temptation Island India's Aryan Arora: 'If the girl is too kiddish, it is a turn off for me' | Exclusive

Aryan Arora is one of the male tempters on Temptation Island India. The TV actor reveals what he considers a major turn off in terms of a girl.

Temptation Island India's Aryan Arora: 'If the girl is too kiddish, it is a turn off for me' | Exclusive
Aryan Arora is a part of Temptation Island India. (Image source: Instagram/ Aryan Arora)

Last Updated: 12.36 PM, Nov 12, 2023


Television actor Aryan Arora is currently seen on Temptation Island India. He is one of the male tempters of the dating reality show. Before Aryan entered the boys' villa of the show, OTTplay exclusively interacted with him. In an exclusive conversation with us, Arora opened up about the qualities he looks for in a girl. At the same time, he listed a few things about girls that are a big turn off for him.

Aryan Arora on big turn offs for him

When asked about things that are a big turn off for him, Aryan Arora told OTTplay, "Too much bragging about yourself. See, everyone has achieved at least something in their lives. But if they rant about themselves unnecessarily without asking, I don't like that. Secondly, the bad odour would be a turn-off. I am more into mature-thinking kind of girls. If she is too kiddish, then that is also a turn off (for me)."

Aryan Arora on how her ideal girl should be

Further, Aryan mentioned a set of things he looks for when he meets a girl. "It is hugely a vibe. Looks are also important. Her eyes have to be pretty and her hair has to be good. She has to be hygienic enough to win my heart. I also need a vibe. If I don't get along, it is a big no for me," added Arora.

Temptation Island India contestants

Temptation Island India comprises a set of male and female tempters along with four couples. The list of male tempters includes Aryan, Jad Hadid, Nikhil Mehta, Faiz Baloch, Satyam Tyagi, Vaibhav Gandhi, and Zen Sanjani. On the other hand, Mahima Seth, Urvi Shetty, Neha Anand, Shraddha Tiwari, Shagun Daggar, Ruma Sharma, and Navisha Raj Kashyap are female tempters.

As far as the four couples are concerned, they are Tayne De Villiers-Nikita Bhamidipati, Nidhi Kumar-Mohak, Nishank Swami-Chetna Pande and Arjun Aneja-Cheshta Bhagat.

About the show

Temptation Island India is being hosted by actors Mouni Roy and Karan Kundrra. The dating reality show premiered on November 3, 2023. The new episode of the show streams every day at 8 pm on the OTT platform.

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