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The Asunta Case OTT release date – Watch the true crime series exploring one of the most shocking cases that rocked Spain on THIS platform

The Asunta Case OTT release date: Watch the gruesome murder that shook Spain in 2013 in a true crime limited series this summer. It is about the homicide of 12-year-old Asunta Basterra.

The Asunta Case OTT release date – Watch the true crime series exploring one of the most shocking cases that rocked Spain on THIS platform
A still from The Asunta Case ahead of its OTT release

Last Updated: 02.52 PM, Mar 14, 2024


The Asunta Case is a Spanish true crime series that is centred around one of the most shocking cases in Spain in 2013: the murder of Asunta Basterra, a 12-year-old talented child of Chinese and Spanish descent, who was killed shortly before her 13th birthday. The crime drama series is produced by Bambú Producciones and will be released on OTT this summer.

Release date and cast of The Asunta Case

The Asunta Case will premiere on Netflix on April 26. The six-part true crime show stars Candela Peña as Rosario Porto, Asunta’s adoptive mother, Tristán Ulloa as Alfonso Basterra, Asunta’s adoptive father, along with Javier Guttiérrez, Carlos Blanco, María León, Francesc Orella, Alicia Borrachero, and Iris Whu, among others, in prominent roles.

Name of Series The Asunta Case
Number of Episodes 6
Genre True Crime, drama
Release Date April 26, 2024
OTT Platform Netflix

Plot of The Asunta Case

The Asunta Case follows the disappearance and murder of Asunta Basterra by perpetrators close to her. On September 21, 2013, Rosario Porto and Alfonso Basterra reported the disappearance of their adopted daughter, Asunta. Hours later, the pre-teen's body was discovered near a road outside Santiago City, with her limbs bound by an orange rope.

The coroner determined that the cause of death had been asphyxiation and that the child had been given at least 27 Lorazepam pills on the ill-fated day. That is a deadly dose. The investigation and its result shook all of Spain as the adoptive parents, Alfonso and Rosario, were found guilty of drugging their daughter for three months with Lorazepam before finally choking her to death.

Once arrested, both parents gave vague, differing alibis, none of which checked out. They also changed their stories multiple times to match the new evidence the police dug up each time, trying to find a way out. Rosario was caught trying to use the bathroom at their house, which was the crime scene, trying to retrieve a piece of orange rope from the wastebasket.

But the main question that still intrigues and horrifies viewers about the case is the reason. Why did Rosario and Alfonso murder their adopted child of thirteen years, especially since they had chosen the child together at the tender age of 9 months? Any answer to the mystery may be found in The Asunta Case on Netflix on April 26.

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