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The Bad Batch season 2 episodes 15-16 review: This Star Wars series ends on a high

A hurtful moment and some harsh truths later, The Bad Batch season 2 becomes worth watching.

The Bad Batch season 2 episodes 15-16 review: This Star Wars series ends on a high
The Bad Batch season 2.

Last Updated: 07.12 PM, Apr 04, 2023



Crosshair is stuck with The Empire. He tries to warn The Bad Batch. Will they take the message?


The Summit – episode 15 of The Bad Batch season 2 – begins with a grand visual. This is of a moon in a lit night.

The Bad Batch is back. Tech, Omega, Hunter and Wrecker enter the scene instantly. Hunter and Tech have a conversation soon.

Echo joins them and the story gets interesting. Phee and her conversation with Tech will warm your heart.

The mission from there gets intriguing too. The music helps that to a great extent.

It is, as expected, the stormtroopers vs The Bad Batch. They are out to rescue Crosshair.

Plan 99 – episode 16 of the series – begins with The Bad Batch still fighting the stormtroopers. Of course, the weapons add to the scenes.

There’s a mysterious and emotional scene in the series. A very important member does a sacrifice nobody saw coming.

The story goes on from Omega’s perspective at one point. The scene works.

Pabu is mentioned once again. With that, Cid makes her re-entry to the series. Her guilt really works.

Omega learns a hard truth about her. This is when she gets to finally meet Crosshair. The series ends on that high.


The last episodes of The Bad Batch season 2 have a lot to offer. They have action, hurt and truth. This takes the episodes and the show a notch up.

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