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The Bad Batch season 2 episodes 7-8 review: This anime series is closer to Star Wars yet barely appeals

The Bad Batch meets Star Wars but it’s just not as expected.

The Bad Batch season 2 episodes 7-8 review: This anime series is closer to Star Wars yet barely appeals
The Bad Batch season 2.

Last Updated: 10.13 PM, Feb 10, 2023



Enter the world of Star Wars. Here, there are clones who need protection and people from the Empire who are ready to do anything but give that. Who will win?


Episode 7 of The Bad Batch aka The Clone Conspiracy is an entry into the beautiful world of Star Wars. The galaxy is here and it’s lovely.

The story takes a turn this time. It is away from The Bad Batch.

Rampart is introduced this time. His scare isn’t justified as expected. In fact, he’s nothing but a scapegoat, which is revealed at the very last moment.

Cade’s role in the series ends even before it begins. Slip, on the other hand, leaves quite an impression, even if his expressions are tad too much.

Senator Organa comes to light. He is best known as Leia’s father in Star Wars. While his animation is on the better side, there’s nothing more to him.

Senator Chuchi is a topic of discussion this time. She plays a major role when it comes to the clones.

R2D2’s cousin R2C4 is here. He is super adorable as always and very useful even during the dark times. He is obviously linked to Organa.

Captain Rex makes an appearance and he’s nothing great so far. This episode is new and visually appealing but that’s all there is to it.

Episode 8 brings The Bad Batch back. Truth and Consequences is all about the batch and their mates. Thankfully, the two stories do finally meet.

Echo, Hunter and Tech make for quite a team this time too. Tech, of course, takes lead when it comes to the rebellion.

The two stories combine and make for something precious. However, the story only gets dark and hard to follow thereon.

Darth Maul makes an appearance in an unusual way. He is still scary and has a crowd by his side, which is goosebump-level scary.


The Bad Batch has seen a switch. It is more Star Wars but the sudden change in story is not the best thing to happen to this series.

While the Star Wars characters manage to merge with The Bad Batch eventually, it is only the visuals over the actual story that wins you over. Things get better in episode 8 but it’s not to the wow level yet.

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