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Did you know? The Beekeeper’s plot twist was accused to be inspired by Hunter and Joe Biden

The Beekeeper is now making its way to Lionsgate Play and this confusion that happened during its theatrical run will leave you surprised. 

Did you know? The Beekeeper’s plot twist was accused to be inspired by Hunter and Joe Biden
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Last Updated: 04.56 PM, Apr 20, 2024


Is Jason Statham returning to our screens with another action adventure? Yes, and we are ready! Over the years, he has made a name for himself in the action genre, and there is no way anybody can take that tag away from him. He recently starred in a much-loved film titled The Beekeeper, which is yet another action thriller that was released in theatres in January. After what seems like a wait that spanned eternity, the Indian audience is finally getting to watch it on their screens as they sit in the comfort of their homes, as it is about to hit Lionsgate Play. However, while that is exciting, do you know there was an instance when the movie found itself in a political pool where it was being connected to US President Joe Biden?


Well, in case you aren't aware, there was a point around the release of The Beekeeper where some very observant folks had connected the plot twist of the movie to what had happened with Joe Biden, and that had become a huge topic of discussion. However, soon the director had to come out to clarify that there is no similarity and that people shouldn't be drawing pointless similarities. Below is everything you must know about this confusion that led to a massive discussion.

The Beekeeper Plot Twist

If you haven't seen the film, head back, because we are about to discuss a spoiler. So in the twist that The Beekeeper witnessed, we see Josh Hutcherson’s Derek Danforth using his mother’s position to help his illegal business dealings. Soon it is found that his father, who is the president, became one through a tainted election where illicit funds were given in the political process.

However, this led to people drawing similarities. There were soon reports that the plot twist in The Beekeeper was inspired by Joe Biden and Donald Trump. The similarity of the son using an influential parent’s name to seek profits was connected to Joe Biden, where his son Hunter Biden was accused of using his father's name. The scam in the elections, however, was connected to Donald Trump, referring to the reports that there was foul play during his presidency.

Director David Ayer Clarified

The filmmaker had to come out and clarify in an interview where he was asked about the similarities. He was quick to say that this is just an action film and not designed to comment on real-life contemporary events.

The Beekeeper will hit Lionsgate Play in India on April 26, 2024. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.

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