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The Bequeathed 2024- release date, OTT partner, plot, cast, trailer, and more

The Bequeathed is the latest brainchild of Train to Busan director Yeon Sang Ho. It also marks the directorial debut of his zombie blockbuster's assistant director, Min Ho Nam.

The Bequeathed 2024- release date, OTT partner, plot, cast, trailer, and more
Ryu Kyung Soo as the uneasy half-brother Kim Young Ho in The Bequeathed

Last Updated: 05.04 AM, Jan 07, 2024


The Bequeathed is next among Netflix’s burgeoning collection of Korean gems, for each production it streams is better and more binge-worthy than the previous one. The show features a dark and thrilling premise full of secrets, murders, eerie rituals, and hooded figures.

Release dates and crew

Directed by debutant Min Ho Nam, previously an assistant director on Train to Busan, the show features Hellbound creator Yeon Sang Ho in the same role. The Bequeathed is set to drop on Netflix on January 19, 2024. It dropped its teaser trailer on December 21, 2023, while its official trailer was dropped recently on January 4, 2024.

Trailer offers a sneaky yet thoroughly exciting view of the plot

The trailer offers an intriguing view of the plot which centers around protagonist Yoon Seo Ha’s family burial ground, which she inherited after her younger uncle’s demise. Unaware that she even had one, a confused and grieving Seo Ha is attending the funeral when she is ambushed by yet another shocking surprise.

A half-brother she had never met or even heard of, named Kim Young Ho, is violently laying his claim to the burial ground. The trailer further reveals a mysterious, sinister company’s officials offering Seo Ha a company card with a promise to take care of the “pesky burial ground.”

But the mystery intensifies further as the fog surrounding her uncle’s death as well as the burial ground begins to lift, while investigation is going on. Oh yes, homicide detectives are also added to the mix as if all the problems in her life were not enough, someone is killing the people around Seo Ha, slowly inching their way towards her.

Now it is up to detectives Choi Seong Jun and Park Sang Min to solve the mystery and identify the murderer before more murders take place, all in the name of a burial ground. Or is there more to it? The ominous murder thriller is a must-watch for all lovers of crime and horror thrillers as the series promises to be a bloodcurdling punch to the gut.


The Bequeathed stars Kim Hyun Joo (protagonist Yoon Seo Ha), Ryu Kyung Soo (half-brother Kim Young Ho), Park Hee Soon (senior detective Choi Seong Jun), and Park Byung Eun (officer Park Sang Min).

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