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The Big Door Prize Season 2 OTT release date – Watch the dramedy series on a magical Morpho machine that reveals one’s potential in life

The Big Door Prize Season 2: The show is ready with a new season this summer, upgrading from cards printed with one’s life potential to having visions about them.

The Big Door Prize Season 2 OTT release date – Watch the dramedy series on a magical Morpho machine that reveals one’s potential in life
First look at The Big Door Prize Season 2 ahead of its OTT release

Last Updated: 01.27 PM, Mar 29, 2024


The Big Door Prize premiered on Apple TV in March 2023 and received a 92% approval rating from reputed reviewing websites. The show was lauded for turning a deep and high concept into peak entertainment with a purpose. Developed by David West Read, the episodes of Season 2 will be directed by Steven Tsuchida, Jordan Canning, Heather Jack, Declan Lowney, and Satya Bhabha. The Big Door Prize Season 2 premieres on OTT this summer.

The Big Door Prize release date and first look

Hailed among the top comedy debuts of 2023, The Big Door Prize will return with its second season on April 24, 2024. Based on M.O. Walsh’s iconic novel of the same name, the new season will have 10 episodes. Season 2 will premiere with three episodes before the rest are released weekly, every Wednesday. Although a trailer for the new season has not been released, Apple TV and the original novel have much to offer in terms of what to expect in season 2.

Name of Series The Big Door Prize
Seasons 2
Creator David West Read
Release Date April 24, 2024
OTT Platform Apple TV+

The Big Door Prize Season 2: What to expect

The Big Door Prize Season 1 followed the amusing adventures of the residents of Deerfield when a Morpho machine starts dropping their life’s potential printed on little blue cards in exchange of a few coins and the individual’s fingerprints. This led to a chaotic upheaval of normal life, as the mysterious nouns printed on every individual’s card started making them think about the road not taken in life.


A housewife gets ‘dancer’, while a retired old man gets ‘male model’, and another leaves his job to become a ‘magician’. While the positive changes warm our hearts, strands of the present life for the individuals begin to fall apart as they chase after their life’s potential. Some get divorced, others change careers, and some change everything about themselves to attain their best version. But at what cost? What if they were already living a better life?

Protagonists Dusty, his wife Cass, and daughter Trina must carefully navigate these waters in season 2. Dusty and Cass take a break from each other, despite their strong love for one another, while Trina and Jacob try to shed their old labels. Cass wishes to enjoy life, but Dusty wishes to explore himself and figure out what it is he really wants, potential be damned. Also, there lies the mystery of the Morpho machine, which shall be investigated by Hana and Father Reuben.

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