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The Boys to end with season 5 - Here's what we must expect from the final round of the unfiltered madness

Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys is about to wrap up its run with the fifth season and here's what we should expect from the finale. 

The Boys to end with season 5 - Here's what we must expect from the final round of the unfiltered madness

The Boys To End With Season 5

Last Updated: 11.41 AM, Jun 12, 2024


The trajectory of The Boys becoming a part of pop culture is quite interesting. Initially, the show entered popular discussions as a spoof of everything related to superhero culture, but it soon found its own identity. It offered more than just satire, presenting a narrative that was very much anti-superhero while still rooted in the same ecosystem. Fans began to love the show for more than just the gags and comebacks; they started investing in the characters, like Homelander and the rest of the cast. Now, after loving the show for the past couple of years, fans are being rewarded with season 4, which releases on Amazon Prime Video this week. 

The Boys to End with Season 5

While the new season has captivated fans, and they have eagerly binge-watched it, there is an update that may leave them shocked and confused. Some might even question the decision of the makers, which is completely understandable. According to the latest and most surprising revelation, season 5 of The Boys will be the final season. This will be the last time we meet the gang. Read on to learn everything about this surprising update.

The Boys Poster
The Boys Poster

Showrunner Eric Kripke announced in a post on X (formerly Twitter) that season 5 will mark the end of The Boys. He chose the week of the season 4 premiere to make this announcement because he felt the timing was right. There is still much to explore with The Boys, which has fans expecting a lot from the show. However, Kripke has promised that the final season will indeed be thrilling, gory, epic, and moist.

“#TheBoys Season 4 Premiere Week is a good time to announce: Season 5 will be the Final Season! Always my plan, I just had to be cagey till I got the final OK from Vought. Thrilled to bring the story to a gory, epic, moist climax. Watch Season 4 in 2 DAYS, cause the end has begun!” Eric Kripke wrote.

The Boys' Future

While the main show is wrapping up with season 5, there is much more to come from The Boys universe. Several spin-offs are planned, with two confirmed ones being Gen V and the Mexico spin-off. While Gen V is already on a good track, not much has been revealed about the latter. Only time will tell what awaits us in the future from The Boys.

The Boys Still
The Boys Still

The Boys Season 4 will be released on Amazon Prime Video on June 13, and the first three seasons are already available on the platform. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else in the world of streaming and films.

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