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The Breach (WYRWA) OTT release date - Watch a married man discover uncanny links about his missing wife on THIS platform

The Breach OTT release date - The mystery-thriller had its World Premiere at Seattle Polish Film Festival, and now is releasing on this OTT platform

The Breach (WYRWA) OTT release date - Watch a married man discover uncanny links about his missing wife on THIS platform

The Breach

Last Updated: 01.34 PM, May 05, 2024


Calling all suspense, mystery and thriller devotees here! We have the perfect movie to excite your mind. The Breach, a Polish masterpiece filled with pure bone-chilling suspense, is finally making its way to your screens. After captivating the audiences at its World Premiere at the Seattle Film Festival in 2023, the 1-hour-35-minute movie is ready to leave you on the edge of your couch. The Breach (WYRWA) is set to unleash its twists and turns on CinemaWorld.

When and where to watch The Breach

In The Breach, director Bartosz Konopka crafts a masterfully chilling atmosphere, perfectly complimenting Tomasz Kot’s portrayal of a desperate husband venturing in to unimaginable lengths in search of his missing wife. Get ready to be amazed by his unwavering determination as The Breach is releasing today on May 5 on CinemaWorld at 9 pm. You can also enjoy it through OTTplay Premium at the same time.

The Breach story

The beautiful world of Maciek (Tomasz Kot) gets shattered within minutes when the news of his wife Janina’s deadly car accident arrives. The mysterious part is that the police inform him that no other vehicle was involved in her accident. Rather her wife vanished in the air. The police call it a suicide case, after getting some hints of skid marks and a deserted stretch of road near Mragowo.

However, nothing makes any sense to Maciek, because the twist is, Janina was supposed to be in Krakow, on a business trip. She was supposed to be in some place which is hundreds of miles away from the mysterious accident scene. What could be the reason for Janina’s reaching Mragowo? Did she make a terrible mistake? How could that be possible? Or is there something sinister at play? Or did Janina lie to him? All these questions begin to haunt Maciek.


What to expect?

Apart from drowning in these questions, Maciek was also deeply grieving the disappearance. But suddenly a seed of suspense begins to sprout when he questions in his head, who is Wojnar? The mysterious man who left a cryptic note about Janina’s belongings. With each new discovery, the truth seems to be dragging Maciek to a far-fetched shadow. Hence, rather than just waiting for the police, he himself embarks on a journey to unravel the entangled web of suspense.

The thrills become more intense, when a horrible possibility begins to take root. Perhaps the woman Maciek loved, the woman whom he knew for all these years, is actually a stranger.

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