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The Bricklayer trailer- Aaron Eckhart ‘never does his job without his tools,’ be it bricklaying or killing

Aaron Eckhart and Nina Dobrev form a fun team of CIA operatives out on a mission to save the world, aka the US. However, returning to an international spy gig with bricklaying tools add a quirky touch

The Bricklayer trailer- Aaron Eckhart ‘never does his job without his tools,’ be it bricklaying or killing
Nina Dobrev and Aaron Eckart in The Bricklayer

Last Updated: 02.42 AM, Dec 17, 2023


Spy movies may never go out of style, but the tropes do get old real fast when overused by a dozen production houses for multiple such films every year. The Bricklayer may have remained stuck in the rut if not for its striking title and slightly different premise. Directed by Die Hard 2’s Renny Harlin, the film will be released digitally and theatrically on January 5, 2024.

Starring The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev and Olympus Has Fallen actor Aaron Eckhart, the film dropped its trailer and poster on December 13, 2023. It contained subtle humor as well as glimpses of action-packed scenes.


The trailer begins with retired CIA agent Steve Vail, who enjoys his peaceful profession of bricklaying. As he confesses in the trailer, “When I hold a brick in my hand, I know exactly what it is and what it will do. Its form is its function. That gives me peace.”

Nina Dobrev plays a younger CIA operative, who alerts her boss regarding a growing threat that is killing foreign journalists and framing the CIA, in order to shake its foundation and bring war upon the US. To prevent such disastrous outcomes and save the famous spy organization, Steve Vail must be called back to neutralize the new villain with his ‘unique’ skillset.

The trailer then shows how Nina Dobrev and her boss convince Vail to return for one more mission, making them fly to Greece to address the threat. From featuring casual, flirtatious moments between the leading pair to having the hero kill goons with his bricklaying tools, the trailer does not lose sight of its slightly different approach and remains true to it.

Based on the titular novel by Paul Lindsay, alongside Eckhart and Dobrev, the film also stars Clifton Collins Jr., Tim Blake Nelson, and Ilfenesh Hadera.

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