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The Fantastic Four world to grow with a Silver Surfer solo project and a White Tiger series for Disney+ is in the making – Reports

Reports coming in from the little birdies say that the plans to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe also included two niche characters. 

The Fantastic Four world to grow with a Silver Surfer solo project and a White Tiger series for Disney+ is in the making – Reports
Silver Surfer and White Tiger Projects In The Making

Last Updated: 06.32 PM, Feb 26, 2024


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is growing, and as per the new policy in a very responsible and alert way. Bob Iger recently said that the studio will emphasize the successful franchises that have already worked for the live-action world. However, that certainly didn’t mean that the studio would not venture into newer territories.

Making news now are two upcoming reported projects that are moving forward at the Marvel campus. If the reports are to go by, the MCU is all set to welcome two new solo projects, one that of Silver Surfer and the other for White Tiger in the roster. The two will have a very unique voice considering they are completely fresh for the MCU audience.

Solo Silver Surfer Project

If the latest rumor coming from Comic Book Movie is to be believed, Marvel bosses are right now figuring out a Silver Surfer solo project that they will churn out once The Fantastic Four has made it to the big screen. If you are unaware, Silver Surfer is the mystic character that was first introduced as the villain against the Fantastic Four but was soon established as a good character post-change in the heart. He is reportedly set to have a place in the Marvel reboot The Fantastic Four and subsequently a standalone project.

The rumor says that there is no clarity on whether this Silver Surfer project will be a Disney+ series or a feature-length movie. However, if you remember, it was first said that Matt Shakman has signed a multi-year deal with Marvel which will equip him to shape the Fantastic Four universe in the MCU. It was then rumored that he would also be making a Disney+ show on Silver Surfer. But with the new plans in place, this plan could very much be a thing of the past, and the anti-hero might turn out to get his own place directly in the movie timeline.

The Solo White Tiger Show

As for the White Tiger, the character is all set to make its Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Daredevil: Born Again featuring Charlie Cox as the titular character. But now the plans are that the studio wants a series that will be entirely based on White Tiger. But there is a catch here. The reports have now said that while the White Tiger in Born Again is a male character, they want the show to have a female White Tiger. This means the show will be a completely different entity.

With Marvel Cinematic Universe now growing with Marvel Spotlight which will look at niche characters and their stories, It is not completely impossible to think that Silver Surfer and White Tiger will have their standalone shows. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.

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