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The Glory ending explained - Here are some exciting updates about Song Hye-Kyo starrer for thriller and revenge lovers

The Glory has been one of the highest watched K-Dramas in 2023 on Netflix. Season 1 garnered a whopping 622 million hours of viewership globally

The Glory ending explained - Here are some exciting updates about Song Hye-Kyo starrer for thriller and  revenge lovers

The Glory

Last Updated: 07.59 PM, May 17, 2024


Taking the world by storm in 2023, K-Drama The Glory became a juggernaut on Netflix, solidifying its place as one of the most watched Korean contents of the year. Season 1 captivated the audience globally, racking up a whopping 622 million hours of viewership on the streaming giant. This staggering success proves how gripping the storyline and the actors’ performances are. The Glory did not just find a niche audience; it became a mainstream phenomenon, proving the power of the Korean industry. 

The Glory story

The narrative of The Glory follows a young woman named Moon Dong-Eun who, after enduring relentless and life-threatening bullying that leads her to withdraw from school, strategies the perfect revenge. Soon she finds a job as a primary school teacher, and threatens her main tormentor Park Yeon-Jin to ruin her little kid the same way she did to her, setting the stage for her deadly vengeance. However, she also unexpectedly shelters the child. 


The Glory ending explained

In the end, we get to see Moon Dong-Eun orchestrate Park Yeon-Jin’s downfall by using the very cruelty that defines the abuser’s past. She meticulously exposes Yeon-Jin’s involvement in not one, but two deaths. The first tragedy happened with Yoon So-Hee, who was the first victim of Yeon-Jin in their high school days. 

Dong-Eun’s revenge goes beyond just getting Yeon-Jin’s arrest. Yeon-Jin is left all alone in prison. Her husband leaves her after learning about her past and infidelity. Yeon-Jin also loses her little daughter, as she begins to despise her. Even Yeon-Jin’s own mother betrays her and refuses to help her, who once prioritise covering up Yeon-Jin's mistakes over taking responsibility. 

The Glory undoubtedly kept the viewers at the edge of their seats the entire time. With each passing episode, the anticipation for what would the very next scene unfold made the drama more gripping. While most of the viewers root for Dong-Eun’s revenge come fruitful, the heinous and often illegal actions that are quite famous in South Korea, stunned everyone. This complex narrative creates a fascinating internal conflict, which will leave you with numerous questions and thoughts to struggle with, after the long credit roll. 

Overall, The Glory portrays the dark reality of the nation and powerful scenes evoke strong emotions, which will leave you moved by each one of the character’s struggles. The drama highly criticises the abuse of power and the lengths people go to cover their crimes. Hats off to the writers for giving some rays of hope with the Joo Yoo-Jeong character, who immensely supported Moon Dong-Eun in her vengeance. 

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