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The Holiday OTT release date - Watch Jill Halfpenny's thriller drama on this platform

The Holiday OTT release date - Four years after its release in the US, the four-episode series is coming to India.

The Holiday OTT release date - Watch Jill Halfpenny's thriller drama on this platform

The Holiday thriller series

Last Updated: 10.55 PM, Jun 27, 2024


Vrott brings you some of the lesser-known movies and shows that are yet to be released in India. For instance, The Holiday. The English thriller drama series was released in the US in 2021, but now is coming soon to India on Vrott. You can also watch the four-episode series, starring Jill Halfpenny, through OTTplay Premium.  From the OTT release date to the plot and trailer, here's everything you need to know about The Holiday.

When to watch The Holiday?

Although there is not much hype about this thriller series on the internet, we assure you it is a solid one-time watch due to its bone-chilling components. So, buckle up as The Holiday is coming soon on July 19, 2024, only on Vrott.  It will release in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

The Holiday thriller series
The Holiday thriller series

What is the plot of The Holiday?

Actress Jill Halfpenny takes centre stage as Kate, a police officer, who is all set to enjoy her dream vacation. Along with her husband Sean, their daughter Lucy and son Daniel, Kate is eagerly waiting to escape to the unknown island that seems like a paradise. However, their idyllic gateway is not limited to their family. Kate and Sean’s college friends - Rowan and Jenny have also joined the trip with their respective spouses and children.

But just when the reunion starts to feel like a lifetime experience for them, everything comes crashing down as a dark secret emerges. Suspicion begins to breed and the dream holiday soon turns into a nightmare. Can Kate, a determined police officer, take charge and solve the mysterious issue before their lives are threatened?

The Holiday thriller series
The Holiday thriller series

What does the trailer show?

The trailer of The Holiday begins with Kate proudly declaring that their vacation has officially started. All the characters seem super excited and happy with the vacation plan. Their resort is by the beach and the exotic visual of the surroundings gives a tranquil vibe. Soon all the members are having fun.

Just when you start to go with the flow, the drama takes a sinister turn. After reading a cryptic message on her phone, she begins to suspect all the members. Now the question is: what is written in that message?


The trailer also hints about the members having secret extra-marital affairs with each other. But it doesn't give a clear-cut answer about who is with whom. We also get to see an unnamed couple fighting and yelling at each other. There are also some sinister hints about one of the members going to get murdered.

What is the actual secret? Will Kate be able to solve the problem?

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