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The Judgement actress Meghana Gaonkar on her career so far: : Not done awe-inducing work, but no regrets

Charminar fame actress Meghana Gaonkar will soon be seen in The Judgement opposite Crazy Star V Ravichandran

The Judgement actress Meghana Gaonkar on her career so far: : Not done awe-inducing work, but no regrets
Meghana Gaonkar plays Crazy Star Ravichandran's wife in The Judgement, which releases in theatres on May 24

Last Updated: 05.11 PM, May 17, 2024


Meghana Gaonkar is quite candid that she did a few years of TV show anchoring as a stepping stone into the Kannada film industry. But the actress, who will be seen onscreen again in The Judgement, admits that her career did not take off as much as she’d expected. She’s been in the industry since 2010 and is yet to have 10 films to her credit. She is happy with the work she got to do and has no regrets.


In fact, for someone with no filmi background, having gotten into the industry and be where she is today is reason enough for her to be happy. Meghana was speaking to Kannada Picchar for the promotions of The Judgement when she made this candid observation. The Judgement will be in theatres on May 24.

Meghana on playing Rohini in The Judgement

The Charminar actress, is paired with Crazy Star Ravichandran in director Gururaj Kulkarni’s The Judgement. Her character, Rohini, is a professor in the film and, although it is a legal drama focusing on Ravichandran’s Govind, the actress says that every one has a pivotal part to play in the narrative. What she loved most was director Gururaj Kulkarni’s explanation about the role that women have in society or in their families. In Judgement, it is Rohini who has to make Govind realize he’s made a mistake without telling him as much.How he then goes about rectifying his error in judgement is what the film is about. 

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Meghana adds that she too had a preconceived notion about her co-star that he’s quite strict on set, but says that what she encountered was far from that. While the veteran actor-filmmaker was particular about getting all their shots right, off camera, he was the most jovial on set and was quite the treasure trove of information for the rest of the cast.

Such was her experience that Meghana says she wishes she got to spend more time with Ravichandran on set. As a child, Meghana had only seen a few of Ravichandran’s films, though not many, as the romance in the songs was too ‘hot and wild’ for audiences back then, including her family. Not even in her wildest dreams did she think that she would ever get a chance to work with him.

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