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The Killer ending explained - Why did Michael Fassbender retire from being an assassin? Find out here...

The Killer, a psychological action-thriller, is currently streaming on Netflix and SonyLIV. You can also watch it through your OTTplay Premium subscription

The Killer ending explained - Why did Michael Fassbender retire from being an assassin? Find out here...

The Killer

Last Updated: 09.19 PM, May 29, 2024


David Fincher, a maestro of psychological thrillers in Hollywood, stunned audiences with The Killer in 2023. Fresh off his Oscar triumph for Mank’s (2020) breathtaking cinematography at the 92nd Academy Awards, Fincher showed off his signature style in a new exploration of the human psyche. While The Killer may not have replicated its predecessor’s golden touch at the Oscars this year, it undeniably captured the hearts of critics, solidifying its place as a critical darling.

The Killer movie plot

Alone in the dark, a cold-blooded and calm hitman scans his surroundings with sharp eyes before pointing a gun at his target. No doubts or remorse arise, as it's just a job for him. His wait for his victim to arrive becomes a slow burn that twists his sharp focus into paranoia. The longer he waits, the more he thinks that he's losing his mind. Will he be able to succeed in the assassination?


How does The Killer end?

The thriller drama ends with the killer (Michael Fassbender) returning to the Dominican Republic. The relentless violence that has been haunting him his entire life seems to have ended as he trades his profession as a hitman for a life of tranquility. He finds solace in Magdala (Sophie Charlotte), the love of his life, while relaxing in their deckchairs. However, the question remains: has the killer truly escaped the darkness or is there still a shadow on his new life? The final scene of The Killer leaves it open to interpretation.

What does David Fincher try to highlight?

The movie begins with the killer bragging about how special he is. He openly says that he considers himself to be “one of the few and not the many”. He thinks he's cooler than 'regular people'. He believes his assassination skills are one-of-a-kind due to his tough, disciplined life.

But at the end of the movie, we get to see that the killer’s arrogance breaks down as he learns that he's not special after all. It turns out that there's nothing amazing about being a good killer. Fincher doesn't reveal the killer's real name throughout the whole movie. He is seen travelling to different countries with fake names. He makes up fake accounts, uses new credit cards and SIM cards, and throws away phones on the road. And it seems like nobody really watches him or cares about his existence. The movie highlights how easy it is to disappear in a world filled with numerous passwords and accounts.

Why The Killer's ending is not a satisfactory one

While the narrative of The Killer is not outstanding, it's David Fincher's masterful direction that elevates the movie. Despite not revealing the motives and reasons behind the killer’s actions, every scene meticulously builds tension and excitement. While the brilliant execution of the assassinations is the central theme of the movie, the motivations of the protagonist make The Killers a little dull. The movie's ending becomes anticlimactic. Which is quite a letdown. We've certainly  come to expect better from Fincher.

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