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The Last of Us to Stranger Things 4 – Can't decide what to watch? Here are top six shows Google is suggesting

Tired of scrolling down Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, Lionsgate Play, and beyond? Here we have curated a list to make you feel at ease

The Last of Us to Stranger Things 4 – Can't decide what to watch? Here are top six shows Google is suggesting

The Last of Us, Stranger ThIngs 4

Last Updated: 03.08 AM, Jan 15, 2024


The 81st Golden Globes winners have not just graced awards shelves, they have landed on countless watchlists. Streaming giants are experiencing increased viewerships as audiences seek out the latest award-winning entertainment. From sci-fi epics, heartwarming comedies to horror, thrillers, there's something for every viewer. Join us as we explore the latest trends and dissect the shows that are leaving audiences buzzing.

Can't decide what to watch next? We are here. Let our curated list guide you to your next streaming obsession, as we have come up with top 6 shows that are trending on Google.

The Last of Us

In a wasteland where danger is sneaking at every turn, a ruthless smuggler finds himself teamed up with a wide-eyed kid. Their mission is get the kid somewhere safe, no matter the cost. Sounds easy, right? Nah, not in this life-threatening world. This Pedro Pascal-starrer is currently the no.1 most-searched horror show on Google. The Hollywood series is streaming on HBO Max and JioCinema.


Gyeongseong Creature

After a horrific war in 1945, some young people in Seoul were just trying to stay alive. They met a scary creature that came from people being selfish. This made them wonder what it really means to be a good person. This Park Seo-Joon-starrer is currently the no.3 most-searched show on Google. The K-drama is streaming on Netflix. The drama is currently gearing up for its Season 2.


Sagar, a seasoned journalist, watched his whole world falling apart when a newspaper predicted some bone-chilling incidents that unfold some secrets of his own life. Each cryptic prediction materialised with chilling accuracy, leaving him terrified in a game of fate he never signed up for. This Telugu-language Indian show is currently the no.6 most-searched show on Google. The Naga-Chaitanya-strarrer is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

All of Us are Dead

Students are stuck at school. There's a scary zombie virus spreading, and the school is like the centre of it all. All of them have to get out of there before the zombies get them, and either kill them or turn them into some dangerous creatures. This K-drama is currently the no.4 most-searched horror show on Google. This multi-starrer drama is streaming on Netflix. The platform has finally been renewed for Season 2, which is expected to release this year.


Wednesday Addams is going to a special school for spooky kids called Nevermore Academy. While she's there, she has to learn how to use her new spooky powers, stop someone from going around and hurting people, and also solve a big puzzle about something her parents did years ago. Although it's not a reboot of the famous Addams Family, the series focuses on their daughter Wednesday Addams. This Jenna Ortega-starrer is currently the no.5 most-searched show on Google, and is streaming on Netflix. Wednesday is going to have a spin-off with Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester.

Stranger Things 4

Joyce and Jim beat the last scary monsters, Steve and Robin threw fire bombs, and Nancy hit everything she aimed at. At last they won, but it gives a sad ending because Eddie dies in Dustin's arms. First Season released in 2016, this Hollywood series has already been the most popular one on Netflix, and has achieved the most viewerships with each season. Season 4 is currently the no.2 most-searched show on Google.

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