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The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 trailer- ‘Jo dharm ki raksha karta hai, dharm uski raksha karta hai’

The Legend of Hanuman, one of India's most beloved and record-breaking animated series is round the corner with its third season. Till then, Disney+Hotstar has dropped a trailer to satisfy fans.

The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 trailer- ‘Jo dharm ki raksha karta hai, dharm uski raksha karta hai’
A still from The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 trailer

Last Updated: 05.03 AM, Dec 24, 2023


Mythology lovers can do a victory dance now, as The Legend of Hanuman is nearly here with its much-anticipated third season. The third season will be dropping on January 12, 2024, on its home ground Disney+Hotstar. Created by Sharad Devarajan, Jeevan J Kang, and Charuvi Agrawal, the show dropped its latest trailer on December 22, 2023.

Boasting of a great cast that voiced the series since its initiation in 2021, Da Man essays Hanuman, Sanket Mhatre is Ram, Surbhi Pandey as Sita, Richard Joel as Laxman, and the iconic Sharad Kelkar as Ravan.


Season 2 of the show ended with the commencement of the battle between Ram and Ravan. The new season, as revealed in the thrilling trailer, traces the main battle between good and evil, along with the introduction of several new and important characters.

In The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 trailer, we see glimpses of the iconic clash between Ram and Ravan, as well as a strange dilemma troubling the heart of the Vanar God. As narrated in the trailer, he is being guided to follow one particular path by Jambhvan and another by Vibhishan.

As advised by Jambhvan, Hanuman must take charge of his ever-growing powers before they take charge of him. And knowing his brother best, Vibhishan also guides him by saying that Ravan has already accepted the devil in his heart and come into the full potential of his powers. Now it is time for Hanuman to accept the Vanar in him and come into his own.

Ironically enough, though the original battle is between Ram and Ravan, powers-wise, it is Ravan versus Hanuman. This comparison is confirmed by Hanuman’s entry post Ravan’s declaration of challenge in the trailer. It is further evident when he advises his group that though Ravan and Vanar contain the same letters, the simple difference in its position of letters is akin to the minute difference between good and evil.

The trailer also boasts of intriguing Rakshasas, Rakshasis, and mythical monsters that range from a gigantic, winged cobra-like monster, to a massive green, multi-horned one, among many more. But perhaps the most iconic entry is that of Ravan’s brother, Kumbhkaran, who is as wise, as powerful, and as ginormous as the sky. Also, the fact that he has a boon from Lord Brahma that grants him the powers to sleep and eat immensely, both in terms of duration and quantity, further aids his cause.

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