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The Miracle Club on OTT - Where and when to watch the liberating film on streaming in India

The Miracle Club is set to release on streaming this month in India and here are all the details. 

The Miracle Club on OTT - Where and when to watch the liberating film on streaming in India

The Miracle Club On OTT

Last Updated: 04.02 PM, Jun 20, 2024


Stories that talk of freedom of any kind are important. It could be a country seeking freedom, a community, a person, and especially a woman. In a world where the feminine force is looked at as the weaker gender when a woman rises and asks for her freedom in any capacity, these are the stories we must tell, consume, and promote. When they are told and spread far and wide, many, like the ones on screen, find motivation and revolt for their rights. The best thing about these movies is that they are told with a whole lot of heart, and that makes the movies even more likable. The streaming world is now about to have a movie from the same genre titled The Miracle Club. The film is all set to stream on SonyLIV this month.

The Miracle Club On Streaming

SonyLIV has been making sure to bring us some very interesting films and shows from across the world and re-release them in India. The streamer, in the past couple of months, has released many shows and films that cater to a wide range of audiences. They have an array of languages, genres, and sub-genres. The streamer has been making sure to build their Hollywood library much stronger than it already is, and it turns out they have now taken another step in the right direction. The Miracle Club is now all set to join the library. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

The Miracle Club Still
The Miracle Club Still

The Miracle Club, which was released back in 2023 and opened to some great reviews, has already had a round on the streaming world and is now about to get a revival. The movie starring Maggie Smith in the lead is now all set to drop on SonyLIV this month. And to your surprise, the release of the movie is set for this week itself. And if that is not exciting enough for you, The Miracle Club is releasing on OTT tomorrow, June 21, 2024, and you can watch it with your OTTplay Premium subscription.

About The Miracle Club

In Ballygar, Ireland, in the year 1967, a hard knocks community is rooted deep in their traditions, faith, loyalty, and togetherness. But for the women, there is just one dream, and that is to taste freedom and escape from the shackles of their domestic prison, where they are expected to exist all their lives and serve others. In this setup, Lily, Eileen, Dolly, and her son Daniel are the lucky ones who get the ticket to the holy land of Lourdes, a French town.

The Miracle Club Poster
The Miracle Club Poster

The movie, directed by Thaddeus O'Sullivan and written by Jimmy Smallhorne, Timothy Prager, and Joshua D. Maurer, stars Maggie Smith alongside Laura Linney, Kathy Bates, Agnes O’Casey, Stephen Rea, and an ensemble cast. The 90-minute movie will release on SonyLIV tomorrow. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.

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