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The Penguin to Creature Commandos - Every DC TV show that will hit HBO Max in 2024

While Creature Commandos will kick start James Gunn's DCU, here's a guide to the DC's HBO Max streaming calendar 2024.

The Penguin to Creature Commandos - Every DC TV show that will hit HBO Max in 2024

Last Updated: 03.24 PM, Dec 06, 2023


There is intense chatter around DCU and DC Elseworlds, and the curiosity to know what James Gunn is exactly cooking is at its peak. The fact that he is currently dedicated to shaping the first live-action movie in the new era of a studio he has joined as a co-boss with Peter Safran, Superman: Legacy. But with the movies, he also has a very interesting streaming wing to handle what unfolds on HBO Max. So far, we have not seen a lot coming out of the long-format branch of the studio. But it seems like Creature Commandos will change the course for DCU. 

While Peacemaker and a couple of others have had a successful run on streaming, fans have been demanding a full-blown digital branch of the DCU that delves into standalone characters and complex storylines. The prayers were heard when the studio announced The Penguin, a spin-off of one of the most iconic villains. So now that we know that The Penguin is all set to take Robert Pattinson’s The Batman universe into the DCU, the room for more is made. 

As we speak, we are at the gate to 2024. So let’s list down everything that has been confirmed to stream on HBO Max from the DCU realm until now. Below is a list. Mark your calendars.

Creature Commandos

Creature Commandos
Creature Commandos

There is a lot this show has to live up to. Creature Commandos technically opens the gate for the audience to James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DCU. It is the first series or project to come under the new leadership. While rumours said it was pushed to 2025, Gunn confirmed it is still hitting Max in 2024. However, the anticipation for this one is high because James has confirmed that some of the characters will indeed get their time in the live-action movies. 

The Penguin


No one was prepared for this evil surprise when it was announced back in the day. The rumors around this one had us all shaking because at one point it was also said that Robert Pattinson might make an appearance as his version of Bruce Wayne. Only time will tell if it’s true. But what is confirmed is that The Penguin will take Matt Reeves’ The Batman universe ahead. Set to be the only live-action title in the series lineup, Colin Farrell’s The Penguin will now hit Max in fall 2024. 

Kite Man: Hell Yeah!

Kite Man Hell Yeah!
Kite Man Hell Yeah!

James Gunn and Peter Safran are indeed emphasising characters that are niche and hold the potential to be big. Set in the world of Harley Quinn, Kite Man: Hell Yeah! Is a spin-off of the Harley Quinn series that ended its fourth season recently. While the vibe will indeed resemble that of the Harley universe, Kite Man is said to have a similar impact and a strong future. 

Suicide Squad: Isekai

Suicide Squad will, of course, have a presence in James Gunn’s world. Another animated project but with a twist. Suicide Squad: Isekai is an anime about Task Force X. While a Harley Quinn-centered teaser was recently released and she was revamped into an anime version, we are still not sure what to expect from this one. 

Harley Quinn Season 5

While bringing us the new, James Gunn and Peter Safran are also revamping some old IPs, unlike their movie lineup. Harley Quinn has been renewed for a fifth season. While there is no confirmation on the release date, the last couple of seasons have been released in consecutive years, making us believe the fifth will land in 2024. 

My Adventures With Superman Season 2

Producer Josephine Campbell said the new season would blow our minds, and it turns out they even worked on both seasons together. This means DC’s My Adventures With Superman Season 2 may land on Max in 2024. However, no release window has been attached to the show, and the plot has been kept under wraps. 

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