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The Retirement Plan on OTT: You can rent Nicolas Cage's crime comedy-thriller

Nicolas Cage leads a star-studded cast in The Retirement Plan, now streaming on Prime Video.

The Retirement Plan on OTT: You can rent Nicolas Cage's crime comedy-thriller
The Retirement Plan available to rent on Prime Video

Last Updated: 03.46 PM, Jul 09, 2024


The Retirement Plan, starring Nicolas Cage, is available to rent on Prime Video as it hits OTT. Tim Brown directed and wrote the 2023 crime comedy-thriller, which also stars Joel David Moore, Thalia Campbell, Ernie Hudson, Grace Byers, Ashley Greene, Jackie Earl Haley, Ron Perlman, and Lynn Whitfield in pivotal roles.

The Retirement Plan plot overview and main characters

In the film, Ashley seeks out her estranged father, Matt (Nicholas Cage), as the only person who can aid her and her daughter Sarah after they become entangled in a dangerous criminal business. As she, Sarah, and Matt become entangled in a perilous web, Ashley uncovers her father's hidden history and realises there's more to his character than meets the eye. Her husband and his friend are using Ashley as a getaway driver. After her husband's capture, Ashley and Sarah, her little daughter, must seek out Matt, her estranged and widowed father, for assistance. Since Ashley can't afford to purchase a plane ticket for both of them, she sends Sarah to see her grandpa on her own. 


In the Cayman Islands, Sarah comes across Matt, who is enjoying retirement as a beach bum. After quickly capturing Ashley, criminal lord Donnie learns that the Cayman Islands hold the evidence he seeks. He dispatches his lieutenant Bobo and the "General" to locate them and recover the massive disc. Not everything turns out the way you'd hoped. Only Bobo managed to escape from Matt's assault on the general. Sarah and Matt's truck are able to evade him. After Bobo tells Donny what's going on, Donny tells him to stay low until he gets there.

Matt has a hidden history that Ashley learns about as their relationship develops. In an effort to learn more about Donny and his organisation, Matt contacts his handler, Drisdale. Matt finds out that Donny is an employee of a woman named Hector after he kills a few more of Donny's men and gets back together with his buddy Joseph. When Donny and his henchmen attack Matt, Ashley, and Joseph, Matt manages to eliminate them. After Ashley kills Bobo, Sarah gets away, but Donny captures her and Sarah and brings them to Hector's ranch. In an assault on Hector's compound, Matt slaughters all but Hector and Donny. Fitzsimmons shoots him, who in turn takes aim at Drisdale. After capturing Matt and shooting Hector, Drisdale eventually discovers that Fitzsimmons was a mole and kills Hector to cover his tracks. Upon his arrival, Drisdale's employer takes the initiative and explains that he intends to use it to advance his political career.

Director Tim Brown's comments on the film

Earlier, for the film's theatrical premiere, filmmaker Tim Brown expressed his excitement about collaborating with Falling Forward and Productivity Media. He said that seeing this film in theatres fulfils a lifelong ambition of mine, and he is incredibly thankful to Nic and the rest of the cast.

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