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The Settlers OTT release date – Watch the revisionist Western drama that highlights the merciless genocide of Selk’nam people on THIS platform

The Settlers OTT release date: The official Chilean entry for International Best Feature Film at the Oscars 2024 streams globally this summer, offering a fresh picture of the Selk’nam genocide.

The Settlers OTT release date – Watch the revisionist Western drama that highlights the merciless genocide of Selk’nam people on THIS platform
A still from The Settlers ahead of its OTT release

Last Updated: 02.29 PM, Mar 27, 2024


The Settlers is a revisionist Western drama that marks the directorial debut of Felipe Galvez Haberle. Felipe co-wrote the script with Antonia Girardi and Marioano Llinás. The Settlers premiered at the 76th Cannes Film Festival and was awarded the FIPRESCI Prize, becoming the first Chilean production to win that award. The film was also the Chilean entry for Best International Feature Film at the Oscars this year. The Settlers is now ready for its OTT debut.

The Settlers OTT release date and trailer


The Settlers will be available for streaming on Mubi starting March 29, 2024. The film’s trailer and logline offer a candid, tantalising view of the haunting, gruesome journey that lies ahead the protagonist and his fellow companions when tasked with ‘securing’ his lands in the Tierra del Fuego archipelago from locals.

Name of Movie The Settlers
Director Felipe Galvez Haberle
Genre Revisionist Western Drama
OTT Release Date March 29, 2024
OTT Platform Mubi

The Settlers historical background

It is the late 19th century and European and South American livestock companies have affiliated themselves with the Chilean and Argentinian governments to create a long-lasting venture. The former intend to establish large ranches, dismissing any claims of the indigenous people, the Selk’am or Ona people. As no sane person would be willing to give up their lands and traditional lifestyle, the Selk’nam resisted violently, to disastrous ends.

With the government complicit in the genocide, mercenaries and hunters participating in the Tierra del Fuego gold rush, and landowners eager to pay them per Selk’nam body, the film is going to have the viewers gripping onto their moral compass and gasping at instances of colonial massacre. Against this socio-political backdrop, The Settlers begins its tale.

The Settlers plot

The Settlers begins in 1893 with Segundo, a Chilean mestizo (or mixed race) marksman, embarking on an expedition on horseback to reclaim and protect the lands of José Menéndez that were granted to him by the State. He is accompanied on this journey by MacLennan, a British soldier, and Bill, an American mercenary.

However, as the administrative expedition proceeds, Segundo arrives at the horrific realisation of the real goal of the mission: exterminating the local people to claim their lands. With the Selk’nam genocide at its core, The Settlers offers a unique and visually evocative narrative that vocalises the struggles of the oppressed and the moral struggle of the colonisers.

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