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The Signal OTT release date - This sci-fi mysterious series about outer space is coming soon on THIS platform

The Signal OTT release date - German actor Florian David Fitz is back with another mysterious story, and this time, he worked on the screenplay

The Signal OTT release date - This sci-fi mysterious series about outer space is coming soon on THIS platform

Still from The Signal

Last Updated: 07.05 PM, Feb 07, 2024


Netflix has been on a content roll lately, offering a diverse linguistic feast for its global audience. From English-language blockbusters to captivating stories in Hindi, Korean, French, and German, the streaming giant is going to serve fans worldwide throughout the whole year, ensuring there's something for everyone. This multilingual approach expands their reach and deepens their connection with international viewers, solidifying their position as a truly global entertainment platform.

Where to watch The Signal

Following the exciting reveal of its upcoming Korean content yesterday, Netflix unveiled the trailer for its new German limited series - The Signal today. This marks Netflix's return to German productions since the release of Dear Child in September 2023. The Signal is set to premiere on March 7, 2024, only on Netflix.

The chills return for a limited engagement. This time, The Signal will deliver a captivating mystery-thriller, blended with sci-fi thrills in a binge-worthy format. The limited series boasts a screenplay by German actor Florian David Fitz, adding another layer of intrigue to this must-watch event.


The Signal story

Astronaut Paula is coming home after orbiting in space for several months. Her husband and daughter are super excited to see her again. But then, something terrible happens. Paula's plane disappears in the air! No one knows where it went, or even if it got destroyed. Paula's husband Sven and daughter Charlie are shocked and scared. Interestingly, they have a mysterious clue Paula left to them, before she went for the space mission. This clue, named Signal, is something like a communication system with Paula. The series has probably 4 episodes, with each one of them 1 hour long.

What is the German name of the series?

In German language, The Signal is named as Das Signal. The interesting part is, different filmmakers have directed each episode, like Sebastian Hilger, Philipp Leinemann, Nadine Gottmann. The series is created by Bon Voyage Films, and will be released on Netflix.

About Netflix's last German content Dear Child story

Darkness was her only companion for 13 years. But a spark ignited within her, and she clawed her way back to the dangerous world, which she left 13 years ago. Now, she stands before them. The key to unlocking a truth buried for these agonising years. Can she join all the shattered pieces of her memory together? Or will the scars inside her get silenced forever, and vanish with her after her death? Dear Child is streaming on Netflix.

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