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The Tearsmith teaser – Catch the dark, forbidden romance of two troubled orphan teens

The Tearsmith is the film adaptation of Erin Doom’s eponymous Italian novel and is a stirring drama with elements of dark romance and angsty, troubled lives.

The Tearsmith teaser – Catch the dark, forbidden romance of two troubled orphan teens
A still from the teaser of The Tearsmith

Last Updated: 06.52 PM, Feb 20, 2024


The Tearsmith is Netflix’s upcoming addition to promising Italian content. Based on the eponymous Italian bestseller by Erin Doom, the film traces the story of two troubled teens and their dark romance. Directed by Alessandro Genovesi, The Tearsmith is produced by Iginio Straffi and Alessandro Usai.

Release date and teaser of The Tearsmith

The Tearsmith is set to premiere on Netflix on April 4, 2024, and the streaming giant dropped a teaser an hour ago. The Tearsmith, Doom’s debut novel, was translated into 26 languages and sold more than half a million copies. Thus, it is expected that the film will do well and gain similar favor on Netflix.


The plot and contents of the teaser of The Tearsmith

The Tearsmith is a dark and haunting tale of two damaged and “broken” teens, who are taken in by the same family and may be undone for, because of their destructive love. After growing up in a horrific orphanage run by an abusive matron, Nica and Rigel make the best of life growing up, despite not having good relations with one another.

Nica had coped with the trauma growing up by retreating into her imagination and conjuring up adventures centering the terrifying figure of the Tearsmith, a man who makes tears and forges fears in the hearts of people. Now, 17 and a beautiful, young lady, Nica’s dreams come true when she is adopted by a family and gets to leave all her trauma and nightmares behind.

But soon after, when Rigel also joins their family. Intelligent, smart Rigel, who can play the piano like he was born for it and has an angelic face that hides the darkness and pain within. As the two overcome their mutual animosity and hostility while trying to co-habit as adoptive siblings, sparks emerge between the two.

Both believe they are broken, but what happens when the greatest fear of our heart is in simply accepting that someone can honestly love us for who we are. Nica and Rigel need to make difficult choices ahead, while battling their sizzling chemistry and headstrong feelings for one another. After all, two stray souls always prefer sticking together through hardship and pain, especially if they are one another’s haven, uncaring of the world and society.

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