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The Tourist Season 2 revelations and ending explained; Season 3 possible for Jamie Dornan-led show?

If you've not seen The Tourist Season 2 yet, stop right here. This is a spoiler filled exploration of the revelations of Season 2 and the future of the Jamie Dornan show, if there is a third season.

The Tourist Season 2 revelations and ending explained; Season 3 possible for Jamie Dornan-led show?
Danielle MacDonald and Jamie Dornan in The Tourist Season 2

Last Updated: 08.27 PM, Apr 26, 2024


The second season of the BBC series The Tourist, which came out in early 2024, is finally available to Indian audiences on Lionsgate Play. All six episodes dropped on the platform as of April 26, 2024. The Tourist followed the travails of an Irishman in the Australian outback, who loses his memory after an accident, and then attempts to retrace his steps and figure out who he is, only to find out he had a very grey past. Jamie Dornan played the lead in the show, which was initially announced as a limited series, was later greenlit for a second season to explore his character Elliot Stanley’s background further.

Elliot's actually Eugene

In season 2, the action moves to Ireland, after Elliot’s now girlfriend and former constable Helen Chambers (Danielle MacDonald) receives a letter from someone claiming to be his childhood friend and convinces him to do the trip back ‘home’. (Spoilers ahead) Not long after he sets foot in Ireland, Elliot is abducted by a gang from the McDonell family, the major rivals of the Cassidys, who, as it turns out, are the former’s flesh and blood. Also, Elliot is actually Eugene Cassidy. The Cassidy family matriarch is Niamh (Olwen Fouéré), his mother.


Eugene, we are told, left home a long time ago, shortly after his brother Joe died. The brothers, according to Niamh, were a couple of years apart, but looked so similar that they were often confused for twins. This explains why Donal McDonell ended up shooting Joe and not Eugene, after he found out that the latter had slept with and impregnated his wife, Claire, who has a kid called Fergal (Mark McKenna).

Who's the real Elliot Stanley?

While the reason Eugene took up the name Elliot Stanley remains unclear, Season 2 reveals that there was someone called Elliot Stanley, who died at the hands of Niamh Cassidy. An expert diver, Elliot had been hired by McDonell family head Frank (Francis Magee) to retrieve an item that his father had sent across for him from an aircraft that had gone down. But Niamh kills Elliot and takes off with the ‘item’, vowing never to let Frank see it.

Frank and Niamh's real connect

In the season finale, the contents of the package meant for Frank are revealed to be love letters between his father and Niamh’s mother, leading to the big twist – Frank and Niamh, who can’t see eye-to-eye are half siblings, which she knew all along, but just didn’t want to admit.

What could The Tourist Season 3 entail? 

The show ends teasing a potential third season, with Eugene receiving a file about him, which, after all the violence and death that unfolded in Ireland, he does not want to see and tosses it into the fire. Audiences are shown it burning away slowly and see that Eugene Cassidy is an undercover Special Agent. Although Eugene and Helen have not seen the file, this will likely have a bearing on the narrative of Season 3 as and when it is greenlit.

Season 2 has no mention of Eugene’s biological father; could it have been Elliot Stanley? He did, after all, undertake a diving expedition with Niamh and must have trusted her. Also, even though Eugene says he is not the man he used to be, which he doesn’t remember, but are now fragments he has gleaned from Lena Pascal, the drug mule he supposedly cut up and left for dead, among others, could it have been that the big bad monster was actually Joe? If Donal McDonell mistook him for Eugene, Lena could have been too, right?

Watch all 6 episodes of The Tourist Season 2 on Lionsgate Play now. If you have not seen the series at all, well, Season 1 is also on the platform. You can watch all of this and lot more exciting content with OTTplay Premium's Powerplay pack. 

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