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The Tyrant to Unmasked – 8 upcoming Korean dramas on Disney+hotstar in 2024 that cannot be missed

Kdramas have won the heart of a global audience with their vibrant, refreshing content. From crime thrillers to taut dramas to touching romcoms, watch these 8 new kdramas on Disney+hotstar in 2024.  

The Tyrant to Unmasked – 8 upcoming Korean dramas on Disney+hotstar in 2024 that cannot be missed
Stills from The Tyrant and Unmasked ahead of their release on Disney+hotstar in 2024

Last Updated: 02.42 PM, Mar 07, 2024


Korean dramas have been a hit among the audience since the likes of Crash Landing on You, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, and Squid Game streamed on OTT and reached international corners. With their relatable characters, emotional connection, and unique plotlines, the shows have struck a chord among viewers of all ages and races. This year, Disney+hotstar is focusing on a lot of exceptional Korean content this year and has handpicked the following eight series for release.


Red Swan (Releasing in April 2024)

The crime thrilling drama follows the life of Oh Wansoo, a woman born in an impoverished family who becomes a world class golfer and attracts the attention of many, including her rich husband of Hwain Group. Though his later infidelities break her heart, Wansoo puts up with it, having married him to pay off her mother’s debt. But when tragedy strikes and love appears in the most unexpected place, what choices will she make, and what will be its deadly consequences?

Blood Free (Releasing on April 10, 2024)

The kdrama series has a unique take on the human inclination of consuming animal meat. In this futuristic setting BF, or Blood Free, a biotechnology company, has brought on the era of artificially cultured meat. As it dominates the market, several people begin having doubt about the BF CEO and his actions. But soon they begin to disappear one by one, in what appears a labryinth-esque conspiracy.

Uncle Samsik (Releasing in first half of 2024)

Uncle Samsik stars Parasite fame Song Kang Ho as the titular character and follows a tale of bromance, elite poltics, business, and social service. Set in the 1960s, the show follows US-returned Kim San, who had a dream of changing the country into an important industrial nation. While he was in the US studying Economics, his friend Uncle Samsik remained back home. But now he has emerged to support his friend and help his dream come true. If Uncle Samsik has a hidden agenda, it will be revealed in time.

The Tyrant (Releasing in second half of 2024)

A US intelligence facility discovers a secret Korean project called The Tyrant Project that is a bioweapon that can enhance human abilities. The US government demands its immediate termination and handover of samples, to which the Korean government complies. However, during handover, a deadly attack disrupts the process and brews animosity among the naions. Now, it is up to US intelligence agent Paul and former agent Lim Sang Won to save the day without dying themselves in an adrenaline-spiking thriller.

Unmasked (Releasing in second half of 2024)

Another edge-of-your-seat thriller, Unmasked explores a team of investigative journalists who face the music for publishing a particularly controversial story. As punishment, they must now do the impossible before time runs out – solving a 20-year-old cold case of the disappearance of a renowned actor without a trace.

Gangnam B-Side (Releasing in second half of 2024)

The show will feature the starry likes of Jo Woo Jin as Kang Dong Woo, a detective who got demoted overnight despite being an elite graduate of the police academy, Ji Chang Wook as Yoon Gil Ho, a mysterious broker who stays away from the spotlight, and Ha Yoon Kyung as Min Seo Jin, a prosecutor who has worked very hard to get deserving promotions, after graduating from a local university. These three work together to expose a prominent drug cartel of Gangnam in this promising crime thriller.

Light Shop (Releasing in second half of 2024)

At the end of a seedy alley, a seemingly ordinary light shop sits with a mysterious owner who deals with customers who are not always living or dead. The show follows a group of strangers living their respective lives, each haunted by a traumatic incident from their past. But as they go about their daily lives, each stranger is mysteriously drawn to the store that may hold the key to their past, present, and future, but at what cost?

Chief Detective 1958 (Releasing in April 2024)

A prequel series to Chief Inspector, Chief Detective 1958 is a period crime drama that follows Lee Je Hoon as the strong, fearless protagonist Detective Park Young Han, who is determined to uproot corruption from its roots in society. Aided by his unique, loyal team, the disturbed, dedicated detective fights against all odds to rid his city of criminal vermin and become a champion of the common people in the 1950s.

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