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The Zone of Interest OTT release date – Watch Sandra Hüller in the Oscar-winning, haunting holocaust drama on THIS platform

The Zone of Interest OTT release date: Sandra Hüller plays an ordinary German housewife in Nazi-infested Auschwitz and lives right next to the notorious concentration camp in this haunting drama.

The Zone of Interest OTT release date – Watch Sandra Hüller in the Oscar-winning, haunting holocaust drama on THIS platform
Still from The Zone of Interest

Last Updated: 06.12 PM, Mar 20, 2024


The Zone of Interest, directed by Jonathan Glazer, has won two Oscars this year, for Best International Feature and Best Sound. But that’s not all; before that, the film had scored the Grand Prix and FIPRESCI Prize at the 76th Cannes Film Festival, along with three BAFTAs. After releasing in US theatres on December 15, 2023, and in India on March 1, 2024, the film is finally ready for its OTT debut.

The Zone of Interest release date and trailer


The Zone of Interest will be available for streaming on Max in the US on April 5, 2024. Indian viewers can expect to watch the film on Jio Cinema. With two trailers and an intriguing logline, The Zone of Interest piques the curiosity of critics and viewers alike. Based on the 2014 novel by Martin Amis, the film focuses on the lives of Auschwitz concentration camp attendant Rudolf Höss, his wife Hedwig, and their comfortable lives on the other side of the prison gates.

Name of Movie The Zone of Interest
Genre Holocaust Drama
Director Jonathan Glazer
Release Date April 5, 2024
OTT Platform Max (Jio Cinema presumed for Indian viewers)

The Zone of Interest plot

The Zone of Interest follows the easygoing family life of Rudolph, his wife Hedwig, and their 5 children in Nazi-infested Poland, in which the former works at the next-door concentration camp and they live within ‘the zone of interest’. While unspeakable atrocities are being committed next door, the film starkly highlights and contrasts the easygoing complacency of the Höss’ as they stroll through their garden, admiring azaleas.

The film, with its minimal yet impeccable background score, compelling cast, and unique premise, offers a chilling dichotomy between domestic bliss and war-infested hatred. While one man reads a dairy tale to his daughter, safe and secure in her room, another’s has just snuck out at great risk to secure some food. The former princess can sleep whenever she wishes, while the latter never knows which wink of hers may be her last.

The Zone of Interest cast

The Zone of Interest features Christian Friedel as Rudolf Höss, Sandra Hüller as Hedwig, Freya Kreutzkam as Eleonore Pohl, Johann Karthaus as Claus Höss, Luis Noah Witte as Hans Hoss, Maximilian Beck as Schwarzer, Nele Ahrensmeier as Inge-Brigit Höss, Medusa Knopf as Elfryda, Lilli Falk as Heidetraut Höss, and Imogene Kogge as Hedwig’s mother, among many others.

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