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THIS is what Alia Bhatt does to instil kindness in her daughter Raha

Actress Alia Bhatt welcomed her daughter along with her husband Ranbir Kapoor in November 2022

THIS is what Alia Bhatt does to instil kindness in her daughter Raha
Ranbir Kapoor, Raha, Alia Bhatt

Last Updated: 03.37 PM, Feb 20, 2024


Alia Bhatt is the definition of a successful working mother who handles her professional and personal life, effortlessly. The actress, along with her husband Ranbir Kapoor, revealed the face of their daughter Raha on Christmas last year. Speaking about some of her practices to bond with her daughter, Alia said that she writes emails to Raha and started doing this the month she was born.

Alia’s unusual method

During an interview with Glass Magazine, Alia revealed that she follows an unusual practice to bond with her daughter. She said, “I write emails to my daughter. I started doing this the month she was born.”

Explaining further what she writes in those emails, the actress stated that she created an email id for her and writes to her. In one of her recent emails, she wrote, ‘I’m not one to tell you what to do. Even as your mother, I want you to be your own person. The only thing I wish for you is to be kind and work hard, no matter what you do in life. Work hard on yourself, relationships, and your career. Just go through the day being kind.”

From the email, it is evident that Alia wants to instil the qualities of kindness and dedication in Raha, while making her feel worthy.

Importance of kindness

Emphasising on the need to be kind, Alia added an excerpt from Indian scriptures to the email, saying, “No matter how terrible a day you are having, just be kind to people because you don’t know where anyone else is coming from. It’s something that goes way back into Indian scriptures. There’s a certain way that you conduct yourself. You should always treat people the way you want to be treated. That’s the only thing I will say. And I feel like a lot of that gets lost.”

Raha was born in November 2022. Before revealing her face to the world, Alia said in an interview at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit held in November 2023 that she is not hiding her daughter. She is proud of her daughter but she also said that she is a new parent and they don’t want Raha’s face splashed all over the internet when she’s barely a year old.

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