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Top 5 engaging action thrillers on Raj Digital TV that Kollywood fans shouldn't miss at any cost

Check out some of the entertaining action dramas streaming on Raj Digital TV

Top 5 engaging action thrillers on Raj Digital TV that Kollywood fans shouldn't miss at any cost

Posters of Varalaaru, Gentleman and Pandiya Naadu 

Last Updated: 11.15 PM, May 14, 2023


Kollywood is one industry which comes up with a host of action entertainers every year. There has always been audience who cheer for larger-than-life characters whenever their stories are narrated intriguingly. The huge number of saleable stars and directors who are adept at presenting them in the most entertaining manner have always helped Tamil cinema grow big with huge blockbusters and impressive making style. 

Raj Digital TV, which was launched last year, has a collection of action-packed Tamil movies which offer edge-of-the-seat experiences for viewers. We have curated five films among them; watch it on the platform and OTTplay Premium   



The superhit film helmed by KS Ravikumar stars Ajith in three roles. It revolves around a multi-billionaire father who wants his son to indulge in public service. The latter, who goes to a faraway place along with his friends for a few days to do social service, returns back and attempts to finish off his father. The shocked father later gets to know that it was not his son, but another person of his child's lookalike who tried to assassinate him. Who is he and how does he have resemblances with the former's son? 

Pandiya Naadu

A middle-class youngster whose life revolves around his family gets the shock of his life when his elder brother is assassinated by a cruel and powerful businessman. He decides to take revenge against the big shot without informing anyone in the family. However, little did he know that his father has also developed a plan to avenge his elder son's death. The father-son duo attempts to finish off the businessman without each other's knowledge. But the shrewd businessman gets to know the duo's plan and hires goons to save himself. 


A mysterious man tricks many cops and pulls off a robbery at Ooty. Despite several attempts, the security system fails to nab him. However, after a few similar attempts, the investigation leads to a naïve man who runs a small appalam business in Madras. Upon further inquiry, cops learn that the unknown criminal's activities are part of revenge against the system. They set out to find details about the man based on a few inferences. 


The movie, which marked the last collaboration of Rajinikanth and director SP Muthuraman, revolves around an undercover cop who decides to take revenge against a set of gangsters who killed his brother-in-law. However, the leader of those criminals is quite powerful and is close to several senior cops. How the undercover cop smartly intrudes into the gangsters' team and executes his plan forms the rest of the story.


Superstar Rajinikanth's third film with P Vasu has the actor playing a coolie in it. Three businessman approach him to act as a US-returned man for their selfish needs. However, he later gets to know about their ulterior motive and learns about his long lost mother as well. He turns against the three criminals after realizing the heinous crimes they committed in the past. 


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