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Top 5 shows on ULLU app that will make you question love

The following are the five shows on ULLU app that will really make you think and rethink about the concept of love

Top 5 shows on ULLU app that will make you question love
Top 5 shows on love on ULLU App

Last Updated: 04.49 PM, Apr 15, 2024


If one had to describe love, then, the best way would be, 'Love is that state of mind, where mind is out of state’. If you are one of those who believe in the concept of love, then, the following shows are bound to make you question the very concept of love!

Title: Matki
Genre: Suspense

Plot summary:
The story revolves around the lives of a married man, his beautiful wife Bindu (fondly called as Bindu chachi) and his uncle Mohan. One day, Mohan and his son pay a visit to Bindu and her husband. Seeing the stunning beauty of Bindu, Mohan is totally unable to control his feelings for her. That’s why, he keeps on finding reasons to go and talk to her, irrespective of the time- day or night.

All this while, Bindu’s simpleton husband is totally unaware of his uncle’s roving eye. Just as when life goes on at this pace, it accelerates when Bindu realises that she too is in love with Mohan, something that the latter is unaware of. Will Mohan’s love for Bindu succeed, what will happen to Bindu’s simple husband and does Bindu too reciprocate Mohan’s love for her is what forms the rest of the interesting story!

Title: Titliyaan
Genre: Romance

Plot summary:
This is one storyline which really challenges all the norms of the society. The story revolves around the lives of two young girls Tanya and Sophia. The common factor between both of them is that, both are not happy in their respective relationships. As for their relationships, while Tanya is married to a non-emotional husband Prateek, Sophia gets heartbroken after she gets to know that her boyfriend had cheated on her.

Call it the twist of fate or destiny, both the girls Tanya and Sophia come together and find emotional support in each other as they both can understand each other much better than anyone else. And when Tanya’s father gets to know about her relationship with Sophia, he suffers a heart attack. What ultimately happens to her father and her parents accept the true love between Tanya and Sophia is what forms the rest of the story.

Title: Tawa Garam
Genre: Romance

Plot summary:
The story is about two friends Raj and Sonu, who plan to chill at the latter’s house since his parents had gone out of station. Seizing the opportunity, the two boys try to make the best of the situation by watching films and sharing drinks with each other.

Just as when the two plan to open the liquor bottle, there enters Raj’s aunty Surmayi, who looks exactly the way the two boys had imagined. Both the young men take a liking to the aunty, who not just looks stunningly beautiful, but also defies her age and how!

When Raj goes on to help Surmayi aunty in the kitchen, his friend Sonu seems to get stuck in a catch 22 situation when he gets to know and ‘realise’ that the uncle is being too touchy with him for obvious reasons. Will Raj and Sonu continue to chill, does Surmayi’s husband become successful in having his way with the two boys, what happens to Surmayi is what forms the rest of the intriguing storyline.

Title: Tauba Tauba
Genre: Romance

Plot summary
The happy go lucky couple of Vimla and Vijendra are living a oh-much-in-love life with each other. Their life means being together with each other during happiness and sorrow. Even though this is Vimla’s second marriage, still, Vijendra treats her like a queen. Life takes a complete U turn when Vimla's younger sister, Roopa comes to live with them.

Seeing the love and affection of Vijendra, Roopa starts developing feelings for him. What starts off as love eventually turns into obsession for Roopa as she wants to conquer Vijendra. Will Roopa be able to achieve her target and eventually destroy her sister’s married life or will better sense prevail and she takes back her steps is what forms the rest of the storyline.

Title: Walkman
Genre: Romance

Plot summary:
The plot of the story revolves around the ‘dry life’ of Roshni, whose husband does not give her as much attention as she wants him to. Since she does not have anyone to pour her heart to, she chooses that as her life and lives on. One fine day, her life begins to bloom when she chances her eyes upon an audio video cassette tape shop.

Upon asking the shopkeeper, she gets to know that there are many ‘stories’ which are available in the form of audio cassettes. Once she hears one cassette, she becomes addicted to such audio stories. What happens ultimately to Roshni and her deserted life and does she find a solution to all her problems is what forms the rest of the story.

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