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Top moments of Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory that melt our hearts away

Top Sheldon moments from Big Bang Theory

Malavika Menon
Aug 22, 2021
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One of the longest running American sitcoms Big Bang Theory has given us many moments of laughter, joy, love and friendship that have left an indelible mark in our hearts. The characters in the show have inspired and made us laugh hard too, particularly Sheldon Cooper played by Jim Parsons. His character of a geeky dude with childish clothing might seem funky and goofy but Sheldon is a creature of habit and does not like it when someone does not stick to his schedule, be it the bathroom schedule or a Halo Night on Wednesdays. Even though he comes out as an annoying and selfish person, he is the one who holds the group together and probably without him,

Season 11*24 (The Bow Tie Assymetry)

When he says his vows (The Bow Tie Assymetry)

The first time Amy asks Sheldon to say something romantic, he quotes the spiderman movie: “When I look into your eyes and you are looking back in mine everything feels not quite normal because I feel stronger and weaker at the same time”. Though it is a romantic line, it might kill the moment for any ‘normal’ person for being picked up from elsewhere. Glad that at least, at their wedding, Sheldon did not copy paste dialogues from anywhere and spoke from his heart. This is sure to make you fall in love with him again. It was interestingly cute to see Sheldon, who thinks he’s the Google himself and knows about anything and everything, falls short of words. He says, “I usually know exactly what to say but at this moment, I have no words.” And that will surely sweep you off your feet.

Season 3*18 (The Pants Alternative)

When he moons that audience (Season 3, Episode 19)

Sheldon does not drink alcohol and nobody dares to ask him why for we know that he would then give a long boring lecture. But when he does drink, he gets drunk and he is comic cold. At his chancellor’s award for science acceptance speech, he gets drunk which leads to a hilarious speech filled with bad jokes, science puns and a few insults here and there and of course, the highlight of the night was Sheldon mooning the audience which he realises the next day when he watches himself on YouTube.

Season 8*15 (Comic Book Restoration)

When Howard’s mom dies (Season 8, Episode 15)

Saying wrong things at the wrong time has always been Sheldon Cooper’s forte. He just does not take social cues. But when Howard’s mom dies and everyone’s upset, Sheldon asks if he could say something comforting and says, “When I lost my own father, I did not have any friends to help me get over it, but you do.” And it was a moving moment for all of us.

Season 12*24 (The Stockholm Syndrome)

When he gives his Nobel Peace Prize speech (Season 12, Episode 24)

Sheldon always talks about how smart he is and how he is the know-it-all. But at the Nobel Prize ceremony, he realises that he won the Prize not just because of his intellectual capabilities, but also because of the support of his friends and family. He extends a heartwarming gratitude towards all of his friends and Amy for being an important part in his life and journey so far. He honoured them individually for being his support system and cooperative with him. One cannot deny that this moment did not make them emotional.

Season 4*7 (The Apology Insufficiency)

When he gives Howard his spot (Season 4, Episode 7)

Sheldon cares about his ‘spot’ on the couch more than anything else in the world and he has made it very clear. He does not like it when someone tries occupying it. That spot is the centre of his universe and unless you are his grandma, you will never get a chance to sit there. But when he finds out that he is the reason why Howard did not get his allowance for his DOD project, he offers him the cushion from his spot. This was truly a great moment that elicited a genuine reaction of shock and amazement from the audience and his friends and tears from Raj.

Season 3*22 (The Staircase Implementation)

When he saves Leonard’s life (Season 3, Episode 22)

When Leonard first moves into Sheldon’s apartment, he works on an experiment and boasts it in front of Howard and Raj. But Sheldon comes in and criticises him for his work. Leonard brushes him off saying he is discouraging and being of no help. But when the experiment starts going wrong, Leonard panics. Sheldon then dumps the experiment in the elevator and pushes Leonard out of it, saving his life from an explosion. He saved Leonard’s life and did not rat him out to the authorities.

Season 3*8 (The Adhesive Duck Deficiency)

When he takes Penny to the hospital (Season 3, Episode 8)

When Penny falls in the shower and dislocates her shoulder, Sheldon comes to her rescue. He helps her get clothed and drives her to the hospital even though he is not confident with his driving and brings her back home safe. And not just that, he also sings his favorite lullaby, ‘soft kitty warm kitty’ for her which makes him look even more cute and adorable.

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