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'Toxic' Twitter reactions - Yash 19 promo is 'Goosebumps, Hollywood stuff,' say netizens; BGM a huge hit already

Yash 19 is now 'Toxic' and social media is overjoyed about what Geetu Mohandas, KVN Productions and Rocking Star Yash are putting together. 

'Toxic' Twitter reactions - Yash 19 promo is 'Goosebumps, Hollywood stuff,' say netizens; BGM a huge hit already
Yash 19 is now 'Toxic'

Last Updated: 11.44 AM, Dec 08, 2023


Just as promised, the mega 'Yash 19' title reveal is here and all the anxious fans seem to have finally found some respite. Rocking Star Yash will next be seen in 'Toxic', an alluring film directed by Geetu Mohandas which is out in theatres on April 10th, 2025 - the makers dropped an intriguing video teaser to make the announcement earlier today.

Naturally, reactions on social media have been flooding in and it is safe to say at this point that the response is quite encouraging and positive. The title 'Toxic' might have evoked mixed reactions initially but the same teaser also suggests that something new is in the offing, which has not captured fans' imagination. More importantly, it is the background score that has got everyone talking at the moment.

"Goosebumps stuff," say fans

The promo, of course, contains a number of cryptic details that apparently suggest what the film could be about. While the tagline of 'A Fairy Tale for Grown-ups' has caught the eye of the fans, who are now busy deciphering what the central theme of the film could be, it's the smattering of small elements that has charmed them. The avid ones have already put their minds to it and soon enough, one will have a plenitude of speculations and predictions about the entire make-up of 'Toxic'.

Regardless, fans are super kicked to note that something unusual yet very commercial and engaging is on the cards, and also that there is finally a date set to reunite with Rocking Star Yash on the big screen. Terms like "goosebumps", "Hollywood level" and "badass" are cropping up on social media, with the background score, in particular, being the highlight thus far.

"Is it Charan Raj?" ask netizens

The makers of 'Toxic', interestingly, haven't disclosed who the music composer of the film is but speculations have been rife for a long time that it is the in-form Charan Raj entrusted with that responsibility. Charan Raj is fresh off the stellar success of Sapta Sagaradaache Ello and is regarded as a priced possession of the Kannada Film Industry. So, if he were to be eventually announced as the composer of 'Toxic', one hopes and expects him to deliver at his best. 

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