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Trailer of the murder mystery Devil gets launched on ULLU app; netizens appreciate the story plot!

The much awaited trailer of the murder mystery Devil gets launched on ULLU App, which is being quite appreciated by the netizens 

Trailer of the murder mystery Devil gets launched on ULLU app; netizens appreciate the story plot!
Trailer of Devil on ULLU app

Last Updated: 05.08 PM, Apr 25, 2024


This is definitely one of the most engaging and intriguing trailers of all times one has ever witnessed on the ULLU app. The trailer starts off with an extremely innocent Raj, who is totally disturbed and distorted after the sudden demise of his wife Suman. He is yet to come to terms with the fact that the person whom he loved the most is no longer alive in this mortal world because of a car accident that had taken place on that fateful day and eventually, had claimed his wife’s life.


The flip side of the tragic accident was that Raj's brother Ajay became totally paralysed. The impact of his paralysis was that he just could not move on his own and that he required an assistant to help him move around in the house for his day-to-day chores.

Ajay's love for his brother

That’s when an extremely concerned Raj hires Mehek as Ajay’s full day caretaker. The instruction that Raj gives Mehek is that, while she should be available to cater each and every minute need and want of Ajay, at the same time, she should not mistake herself to be the owner of the house! When, on one fine day, Mehek delays in attending to Ajay, Raj becomes angry at her and strictly instructs her to do her duties towards Ajay properly.

When police turn up at Ajay's residence!

On the other hand, the bunch of police officials land up visiting Raj at his house, totally unannounced. Seeing the police officers at his doorstep, Raj remains calm and unperturbed. Much to his shock, the police officials tell Raj that his wife did not die in a car accident, but due to a brake failure.

Eventually, the police turn their needle of suspicion towards Raj himself! Even though Raj tries to co-operate totally with the police officers and their investigations, but, when they start suspecting him, the latter tells them to get a legal order to enter his house and search the house and also question him!

After the trailer got dropped, there were many netizens who took to comments section and expressed their happiness after witnessing an unique whodunnit thriller!

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