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Triptii Dimri comes out in support of Ranbir Kapoor's character in Animal, says his character is 'not glorified'

Triptii Dimri sheds light on Animal, defending complex characters, and navigating backlash.

Triptii Dimri comes out in support of Ranbir Kapoor's character in Animal, says his character is 'not glorified'
Ranbir Kapoor and Triptii Dimri in a still from Animal

Last Updated: 10.31 AM, Dec 07, 2023


After Laila Majnu and headlining two Netflix films, Bullbul and Qala, Triptii Dimri's next was something that many were eager to know. Seeing the actor play a minor role in Animal, opposite Ranbir Kapoor, was definitely surprising. Director Sandeep Reddy Vang discovered her in Bulbbul, casting her as a woman in Animal who is sent by her lover to deceive the protagonist. Despite being a part of the industry for more than five years, a large portion of the audience is discovering her through Animal.

Triptii Dimri's role in Animal:

During an interaction with Mid Day, Triptii revealed that Vanga told her, "She is a mole. She has come to kill him and his whole family. But I don’t want to see even a shred of negativity in her eyes." The role piqued her interest right away.


A sexual encounter between Ranbir and Triptii was also part of her role. She says the director and her co-stars made the set a welcoming place for everyone. Vanga informed the actor about these moments the day she offered her the film. The filmmaker assured her that he would shoot the film in an artistic way. He also told her that if that doesn't sit well with her, they can figure out an alternative. 

Navigating controversial scenes:

Triptii shared that she had a terrible time acting out the rape scene in Bulbbul. In order to portray that, she had to put herself aside. She took the identical tack in this case. The DoP, Vanga, Ranbir, and she were the only people on the set while filming that scene. Everyone around her treated her with the utmost respect.

Some have condemned Animal for its unpleasant scenes and its protagonist's blatant sexism; for example, there's a scene where Ranbir's character asks Triptii to lick his shoe. She revealed that they talked about it quite a bit. Her character had been plotting the murder of him, his wife, and their children prior to that scene. Thus, he has a lot to lose or gain. 

Humanising heroes!

The actor notes that RK's role is not glorified, even if she recognises and respects the varied viewpoints being discussed about the movie. In the film, his dad is sick and will die soon, and his wife abandons him; he has no resources left. Triptii then concluded by saying, "We see our mothers as figures of perfection who have to do everything right. Why do we view our heroes the same way? We forget he is also a human being and is allowed to make mistakes."

Next, Triptii will star opposite Vicky Kaushal in a romantic comedy. Additionally, Triptii has been cast as the female lead in a social comedy film alongside Rajkummar Rao.

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