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Triptii Dimri talks about the sudden Instagram surge - 'Feel very lucky and grateful, not seeking stardom'

Triptii Dimri's IInstagram followers have increased amidst Animal's triumph.

Triptii Dimri talks about the sudden Instagram surge - 'Feel very lucky and grateful, not seeking stardom'
Triptii Dimri/Instagram

Last Updated: 10.09 AM, Dec 16, 2023


Although Triptii Dimri's appearance in Animal, starring Ranbir Kapoor, was small, it did not go unnoticed. People have started calling her the "national crush of India" and the "national sensation" of the moment. The dramatic increase in her Instagram following has garnered as much attention as the amount she has charged for starring in the Sandeep Reddy Vanga film. Supposedly, her number of followers has jumped by 320% in the past few days, and she currently has 3.8 million followers, up from six lakh followers up until last month.

Instagram frenzy and surging popularity

In an interview with News18, Triptii discussed the topic of her unexpectedly large Instagram following. She said that the number of people who follow her is something that her loved ones are monitoring. From time to time, they send her screenshots. The truth is that she has been monitoring her Instagram messages nightly, and that's a great sensation. Seemingly, nothing beats the feeling of having their hard work recognised and appreciated by an audience. The actor is feeling great.

After a lacklustre debut with 2017's Poster Boys, Triptii finally found critical success with 2018's Laila Majnu. While her subsequent performances in Bulbbul (2020) and Qala (2022) were commendable, her first taste of commercial success came with Animal. She admits that she wasn't looking for the attention but claims that it overwhelmed her. The actor merely desired to be a part of Animal due to the character's intriguing nature, and this level of success wasn't intended. Everything came together at once, and she is filled with gratitude and luck. The pursuit of fame is not her goal.

Overwhelmed by success, gratitude, and humility

This overwhelming success shouldn't make her narcissistic, either. Even more exciting for Triptii is the fact that the buzz surrounding her work in Animal is bringing greater attention to her previous pieces. Acting is a part of her life, not her whole life, she says when asked about her stance on staying level-headed in the industry. After she takes care of her loved ones and friends, there's acting. In the end, the actor wants to be able to strike a good balance and enjoy life to the fullest. It would be dishonest of her to devote herself fully to one endeavour while neglecting other areas of her life.

Triptii expressed her desire to avoid future regrets about missing important events like her best friend's wedding or her brother's graduation. She also mentioned her upcoming appearance in the romantic comedy film Mere Mehboob Mere Sanam alongside Vicky Kaushal.

The actor concluded by saying that pursuing a singular goal at the expense of all else is pointless. When one reaches different stages of their life and realises that they must prioritise some things above others, maintaining that delicate balance becomes more challenging.

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