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TRP: Here is why Kar Kache Koi Moner Kotha bags the top position

Manali Manisha Dey-starrer serial also streams on Zee5

TRP: Here is why Kar Kache Koi Moner Kotha bags the top position
Manali Dey

Last Updated: 10.38 PM, Nov 10, 2023


The common perception regarding Bengali serials is that they are full of high-octane melodrama around extra-marital affairs, disagreements between saas-bahu, and so on. However, in ZEE Bangla's Kar Kache Koi Moner Kotha seems to reaping benefits after saas and bahu teamed up. 

A few months back, when Kar Kache Koi Moner Kotha, starring Manali Dey, started its journey, it too made headlines for the tiff between Manali’s character and her mother-in-law. In one of its early episodes, it was shown that a possessive mother-in-law did not let husband and wife be intimate. To stop them, she started to sleep in their room. But gone are those days. Now, the heroine and her mother-in-law become friends. As it seems, people are also loving this idea. 

Manali is happy with the news. She told Anandabazar Online, “Everyone likes to get a good score. Our team tries to give its best. A good score inspires you to do good work. Our story tries to give a positive message. It also gives a social message. We aim to go forward with the serial with good work.” 

Anurager Chhowa has been the consistent topper for a long time. But they went down significantly this week. The serial is now in fourth position. 

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