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True Beauty ending explained – Who does Lim Ju-kyung end up with? Unravel the mystery of this heartwarming love triangle

True Beauty ending explained – Based on the webtoon of the same name, this K-drama garnered critical acclaim for touching upon themes of physical appearance, bullying, low self-esteem, and suicide.

True Beauty ending explained – Who does Lim Ju-kyung end up with? Unravel the mystery of this heartwarming love triangle
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Last Updated: 07.52 PM, May 18, 2024


South Korean drama True Beauty made waves on social media for its attractive star cast, as it stars Moon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo, and Hwang In-youp in lead roles. Based on the webtoon of the same name, the K-drama garnered critical acclaim for touching upon the themes of physical appearance, bullying, low self-esteem, and suicide.

The plot revolves around a high school girl, Lim Ju-kyung, who has low self-esteem because she's not considered good-looking. She faces constant bullying because of her looks and feels dejected. However, fate takes an unexpected turn when she transfers to a new school and starts using makeup, which changes her entire identity. A love triangle involving Ju-jyung, Suho and Seo-jun results in a surprising twist.

Does True Beauty have a happy ending? Who does Ju-kyung end up with?

True Beauty is one of those dramas that puts you in a tough spot because it is difficult to root for one character. Since it is a love triangle, not all the lead actors get a happy ending. The last episode of True Beauty begins with the main lead, Suho, witnessing his love, Joo-kyung, and former friend Seo-Jun hugging. Later, the two former friends-turned-enemies meet for a drink, where Suho confronts Seo-jun and forces him to come clean about his relationship. Seo-jun lies and says that he is dating Joo-kyung , but Suho doesn't believe this.


Meanwhile, Ju-kyung is fighting her own battles as she decides to follow her heart and confess to Seo-jun that she never fell in love with him and doesn't have any romantic feelings for him. When they meet, Seo-jun intervenes and asks her to have a nice dinner without revealing her feelings, as he already knows her answer and won’t be following her anymore. Their last hug appears truly wholesome, and it marks Seo-jun's final moments with his true love, Ju-kyung. He is also a major reason for Ju-kyung and Suho reuniting, as he lies that Suho is leaving and advises Ju-kyung to follow her heart before it is too late.

In the final episode, we get to see the heartfelt reunion of Suho and Ju-kyung as the latter reaches Suho’s apartment, only to find out that he won’t be leaving for the US. Suho also understands that Ju-kyung never moved on despite the two-year gap in their relationship and that they did not actually break up even after they were separated by distance and time. Meanwhile, Seo-jun cries his heart out after losing his love and decides to mend it by focusing on his pop-star career as he gears for his big debut day.

Why is True Beauty’s last episode so wholesome?

With 16 episodes, True Beauty has a wholesome ending. Like most K-dramas, the makers try to give every main character a happy ending. While the leads, Ju-kyung and Suho, emerge victorious in love, defying the odds, the second lead, Han Seo-jun, also finds closure as he decides to let go of his feelings after years of unrequited love and commitment.

He makes the tough decision to let go of his love and make a sacrifice for the two significant people in his life. Despite the unbearable pain and trauma, he gives his best debut performance. Meanwhile, Ju-kyung also makes her career as a makeup artist and has an awkward encounter with Seo-jun in the makeup room, where she touches up his makeup before a performance. The fleeting moment shows us that Seo-jun still has feelings for Ju-kyung despite trying hard not to, but learns to layer them with his K-pop artist attitude.

The finale episode also features Ju-kyung's sister’s wedding ceremony. Though it is a chaotic scene with the bride falling as she walks down the aisle, it has viewers smiling at the well-paced ending for each character, including Seo-jun's sister and Ju-kyung's brother, who begin dating. Episode 16 ends with a sweet kiss between Suho and Ju-kyung in the comic store, which is where their love story began.

What happens to Suho and Seo-jun’s rivalry?

Both Seo-jun and Suho find closure as they move past their rivalry and forgive each other by not blaming themselves for the death of their beloved friend. The last episode is like an ode to their best friend, as Suho composes a song, while Seo-jun debuts with the same song that the three friends made in a small studio. While Suho and Ju-kyung find peace in their love, Han Seo-jun gets immersed in the glamourous K-pop world and decides to live the dreams of his late friend and his stardom.

True Beauty’s last episode touches on various topics, including how youngsters have to often juggle between heartbreak, pain, career, and personal lives. It has a beautiful ending that depicts how true love finds its way even after separation and that real beauty lies inside an individual.

True Beauty is currently streaming on Viki and Amazon Prime Video.

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