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UI first look date announced; hopefully, this time it’ll be more than just a black screen

UI is Real Star Upendra’s return to direction after eight years, a project he’s guarded so fiercely that the first teaser had no visuals and only some audio meant to spark the imagination of viewers

UI first look date announced; hopefully, this time it’ll be more than just a black screen
UI - Upendra

Last Updated: 08.04 PM, Jan 03, 2024


Real Star Upendra’s profile as an actor may have taken a bit of a beating, what with most of his recent films failing at the box office. But as a filmmaker, there is a certain respect that he commands, with audiences eagerly awaiting his films. As a filmmaker, Upendra presents stories and narratives that are meant to get his audiences thinking, but after a prolific spree at the beginning of his career, direction has taken a backseat for a while. After making Upendra in 1999, it took him more than a decade to return with Super, and then another five to do Uppi 2. Between Upendra and Super he served as writer on several films he acted in. His latest, UI, comes after yet another long break and is one of the most anticipated films of 2024.


The actor-filmmaker has been tight-lipped about the film, offering no info whatsoever on the subject or even cast and had even dared to release a ‘teaser’ with no visuals to stoke the imagination of his audience. Upendra is now set to reveal the first look from the film, which will hopefully be more than just a black screen, or, as netizens called it, ‘Kattale, Kattale, Kattale’. This ‘teaser’ featured a voice over about darkness and how to escape it, with imagination being the key to break free.

At the teaser launch, which was held at a popular single-screen theatre in Bengaluru, Upendra had clarified that since most of the film involved computer graphics, he was not keen on sharing any visuals, until he was satisfied with the end product. Well, it looks like Uppi is a happy man after all, as he is set to present the first look of UI on January 8 at 11 am. Considering that it is Rocking Star Yash’s birthday, the expectation is that there will be an update about Toxic as well, but for now, the big event on January 8, will, no doubt, be the UI first look.

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