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Ullu Originals Secretary Part 2 trailer: A woman finds herself in a dilemma between her husband and boss

Stream the upcoming show on March 17.

Ullu Originals Secretary Part 2 trailer: A woman finds herself in a dilemma between her husband and boss

Ullu Originals Secretary Part 2 trailer

Last Updated: 07.57 PM, Mar 12, 2023


Ullu is back with the second season of the famous erotic web series named Secretary. The makers have unveiled the trailer of the upcoming show which sees the continuation of a story which is based on a woman who finds herself in a dilemma between her husband and her boss.

The latest trailer begins with a woman talking with her husband over a phone call and telling him how busy she is today. "Today, I have a lot of work at the office. I have a lot of deadlines. It is going to be very late, so I will stay at my friend's place," says the wife, while the husband gets stressed.

Moving on, the husband can be seen talking to his wife's boss in his office. The superior praises the man's wife and says, "There are a few employees in the company without whom the boss is not able to complete his task properly. And your wife is one of them. But, she is saying that she does not want to work here anymore.

In the next montage, the couple can be seen spending some alone time in their bedroom, while the husband tells her wife, "I know that every couple goes through hard times and fight with each other. But it will never happen between us again. And I will always keep to happy."

Post that, the woman can be seen sitting beside his boss on a couch in the office and listening to her boss' rant. "I know, that you wanted to get more salary," says the boss to which the employee replies that even with an increased salary she cannot work in his office anymore and her husband also wants the same.

But the boss doesn't stop there and plans to not leave her. To blackmail her, he reaches her home.

The makers unveiled the latest trailer video with a special caption that reads, "The guilty pleasure of Ajay and Vinod consist of Vinod every night, narrating a new sexual encounter between his boss and her secretary. This leads to Ajay's heightened fantasies about the secretary, and he requests Vinod to set up a meeting with her. Little does he know what fate awaits him and what the future beholds in the form of the secretary! (Sic)."

Watch the trailer here:


Stream Secretary Part 2 on March 17.

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