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Ultraman Rising OTT release date – Watch Japan’s giant superhero become a working dad to a kaiju monster baby on this platform

Ultraman: Rising OTT release date – Ultraman, Japan’s high-tech superhero will have to juggle world saving obligations and parenting duties this summer as he will be bringing up his foe’s kid.

Ultraman Rising OTT release date – Watch Japan’s giant superhero become a working dad to a kaiju monster baby on this platform
A still from the new poster of Ultraman: Rising

Last Updated: 02.03 PM, Mar 24, 2024


Ultraman: Rising is Netflix’s summer treat for lovers of the Ultraman franchise. The film was originally imagined by director Shannon Tindle while working on Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, but it had more of a Batman spin to it. The plan was to include the struggles of parenting in a fun film, in which a billionaire comes of age while bringing up the orphaned kids of his enemy.

Ultraman: Rising release date and teaser


But he was advised later by Netflix to make it into an Ultraman film and then announced in 2021. Ultraman: Rising will be available for streaming on the OTT platform on June 14, 2024. The 44th film of the franchise has also released a teaser, while a trailer is expected to arrive in April or May. But the film’s logline and teaser itself set a feel-good, yet thrilling premise.

Name of Movie Ultraman: Rising
Director Shannon Tindle
Genre Animated Superhero Feel-good Comedy
Release Date June 14, 2024
OTT Platform Netflix

Ultraman: Rising plot

Ultraman: Rising features the same framework as the previous films, but with a twist. In Ultraman films, the character is always an average young man who can transform into a giant superhero and fight kaijus (or giant mythical monsters, in Japanese). But this time, Ultraman has a heavier job description.

The upcoming film features an all-new Ultraman, star baseball player Ken Sato (Christopher Sean) who balances his superhero mantle with poise, confidence, and ease. But when he is accidentally imprinted upon by the now-orphaned baby of his former kaiju nemesis, Ken has no choice other than adopting and raising it as his own.

But how long can he pull off being a father, play baseball, and save the world, when his kaiju kid may destroy half the city as an evening tantrum? While he is suited and charged, he can swaddle the kid, but when Ken is just a human, it becomes nearly impossible for him to control the adorable yet chaotic little monster. Will the two bond to make an unlikely yet heartwarming relationship, or will Ken fail his kid? The answer arrives on June 14, 2024.

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