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Undekhi Season 3 OTT release date - Watch the crime drama packed with thrilling twists and turns here

Undekhi Season 3 OTT release date - Actor Dibyendu Bhattacharya is back to solve a new uncanny case as DSP Barun Ghosh

Undekhi Season 3 OTT release date - Watch the crime drama packed with thrilling twists and turns here


Last Updated: 06.16 PM, Apr 19, 2024


Undekhi, a gripping crime drama that premiered on SonyLIV in 2020, instantly became a fan favourite, receiving impressive viewership for the streaming giant. Capitalising on the show’s popularity, Applause Entertainment is now bringing Season 3, promising even more suspense and thrilling moments. After a 2-year hiatus following Season 2’s release in 2022, fans can finally see the series go forward.

When to watch Undekhi Season 3

Last year, actor Dibyendu Bhattacharya announced Season 3 of the show. Now, SonyLIV has finally revealed the release date: May 10, 2024. After two back-to-back seasons with mind-blowing performances, visual effects, and compelling stories, fans’ expectations have risen to a whole new level. Applause Entertainment announced Undekhi Season 3’s release along with Avrodh Season 3 and Scam 2003: The Telgi Story.

While some fans are mesmerised after watching Season 3’s trailer, others shared their excitement for Season 3 as they were not so happy with Season 2. Last year, Surya Sharma’s wedding with Manasi Moghe went viral and fans enjoyed his character Rinku Atwal in Undekhi. Apart from offering their blessings, they urged Sharma to bring Season 3 of Undekhi.

Story of Undekhi

The story begins with a shattering moment of scream of the Atwal family’s heir. A dancer, who was hired to add some pleasing entertainment to the occasion, gets murdered violently. Inspector Ghosh begins suspecting the Atwal family. Meanwhile, an ambitious documentary crew sets their sights on the Atwals. They are determined to expose their dark secrets. But the Atwals are a very powerful family. They can buy and sell anyone with their money. But there is more than just a murder investigation; it's a fight for justice against a web of corruption and deceit.


Before Undekhi’s release, actor Harsh Chhaya revealed that the story is based on a true incident with unpredictable plots. Dibyendu Battacharya shared that the story is very relevant to today’s times and has an important social message.

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