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Unfrosted OTT release date - Watch the original story of Pop-Tart, America's revolutionary breakfast, on THIS platform

Unfrosted OTT release date - Comedian Jerry Seinfeld makes his directorial debut with the comedy flick

Unfrosted OTT release date - Watch the original story of Pop-Tart, America's revolutionary breakfast, on THIS platform

Still from Unfrosted

Last Updated: 10.39 PM, Mar 28, 2024


Comedian Jerry Seinfeld brings you America’s most beloved food, Pop-Tart’s real story of life with Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story. No wonder Netflix took the initiative to join hands with Seineld to tell the untold story. Unfrosted will showcase the infamous rivalry between Kellogg's and Post Cereal with detailed facts. The rivalry occurred when the 2 big companies competed in launching the first revolutionary breakfast in the world.

When and where to watch Unfrosted

Apart from starring, Jerry Seinfeld has also directed the comedy-drama. You will get to watch the iconic flick soon on May 3, 2024, only on Netflix. The film also features some of the famous A-listers like - Hugh Grant, Melissa McCarthy, Bill Burr, Amy Schumer, Maria Bakalova, Max Greenfield, James Marsden, Rachael Harris, Thomas Lennon, and Jack McBrayer.

Story of Pop-Tart

Back in 1963, Michigan got caught up with a delicious rivalry. Kellogg's and Post, the titans of the breakfast cereal industry, were locked in a heated competition to develop the next revolutionary breakfast food. This was not just about flakes or puffs, but they envisioned a portable pastry that would be convenient, tasty, and forever transform the way people started their day. It was a breakfast battle for the ages, with sugary secrets, high-stakes espionage, and a pastry that would become an iconic symbol of childhood.

What to expcet from Unfrosted?

The trailer of Unfrosted begins with a mysterious scene. We get to see the depth of a toaster, the glowing heating elements like miniature suns waiting to be born. A digital countdown ticks across the screen, building suspense with each passing second, like the final moments before a rocket takes off. Just when the tension builds up at its peak, Jerry Seinfeld’s voice in the background can be heard transporting us back to a simpler time, the early 1960s. Seinfeld's smooth narration paints a picture of an olden era, where the cult-classic American breakfast was not a gourmet smoothie bowl or a plate of avocado toast, but a steaming bowl of cereal, the cool, refreshing milk a perfect counterpoint to the sweet, crunchy flakes.


Netflix dropped a series of pictures from Unfrosted, where we get some quirky sneak-peeks of the stars, wearing unique costumes.

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