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As The Crow Flies: Season 3 OTT release date - Watch the Turkish political drama on THIS date

As The Crow Flies: Season 3 OTT release date - The final season of the political and journalism drama to release here

As The Crow Flies: Season 3 OTT release date - Watch the Turkish political drama on THIS date

As The Crow Flies

Last Updated: 06.28 PM, Mar 28, 2024


Last year, Netflix announced that As The Crow Files was renewed for a final season. The streaming giant has now revealed the release date along with the official trailer. The Turkish original drama debuted in 2021. The story follows Asli Tuna, a huge fan of a famous news anchor, Lale Kiran, who got the chance to meet her. But things go wrong when she realises that Lale is not actually warm, considerate, and professional in person. Rather, she's filled with complexities, which shocked her.

When to watch As The Crow Files: Season 3

While Asli is played by Miray Daner, Lale is played by Birce Akaley. The drama also stars İbrahim Çelikkol in the lead role. For those who remember, this is the second time Birce and İbrahim have collaborated. Previously, they worked together in Black & White (2017-2018) as a married couple. As The Crow Flies: Season 3 will be released on April 11, only on Netflix.

As The Crow Flies is all about constant competition and challenges between Asli and Lale. This has a huge impact on their physical, mental health, and career. However, while fighting for her luck, Asli learns that karma is a terrifying thing and can ruin anybody. The previous season showed Lale’s resignation from the broadcasting channel, and Asli gets to secure her position as a new anchor in the company. The twist is that the public seems to boycott Asli because they love to watch Lale. The audience couldn't seem to accept Lale’s resignation.

What to expect from Season 3?

The Season 3 trailer hints at some last battle between Asli and Lale. While Asli is getting ready to show her talent and create a new era for the broadcasting channel, Lale seems to be getting ready to fight back. Despite severe hatred, Asli decides she will do anything to keep her colleagues happy. The whole 1-minute-38-second video teases viewers with Asli and Lale’s quirky challenges, evil plans, and dirty games to ruin each other. Lastly, in the background, we get to hear Asli saying, “Everyone wants to watch their own funeral, don't they?”


Fans of As The Crow Flies seem to love the Lale character a lot, as they have been showing their excitement in the comments session about watching Brice again. Some have even urged Netflix to make the same story in English.

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