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Upadhyaksha trailer – Chikkanna's debut as leading man promises to be fun

Upadhyaksha has Chikkanna’s character Narayana Gowda facing the ire of the village Adhyaksha Shivarudre Gowda while first contesting against him and then for eloping with his daughter Anjali

Upadhyaksha trailer – Chikkanna's debut as leading man promises to be fun
Chikkanna does his best KGF Rocky Bhai impression in Upadhyaksha

Last Updated: 09.45 PM, Jan 13, 2024


Chikkanna is back as Adhyaksha’s upadhyaksha Narayana Gowda in the January 26 release, Upadhyaksha, which marks his debut as a leading man. This time he’s taking on P Ravi Shankar’s Shivarudre Gowda for the village chieftain’s post, as well as getting into a relationship with the latter’s daughter Anjali. Shivarudre Gowda, of course, does not take kindly to this insolence, especially after his daughter elopes with the upadhyaksha. As Gowda bays for blood, can the upadhyaksha call for a truce? That’s what the film is about, as per the trailer that was released today, ahead of the film’s theatrical outing.-


Directed by Anil Kumar, Upadhyaksha also stars Kari Subbu, Sadhu Kokila, Veena Sundar, among others, with Hitler Kalyana fame Malaika Vasupal making her big screen debut as Anjali. The film, written by Chandra Mohan, has music by Arjun Janya. It is one of several releases at the Karnataka box office for Republic Day. While the major competition comes from Hrithik Roshan’s Fighter, there are Kannada films like Bachelor Party, Hadinelentu, Case of Kondana, Koli Esru, as well as a couple of Tamil and Telugu titles too.

Upadhyaksha is not the first film that came to Chikkanna for a leading role. He’s had offers for over a decade, but never took it up as he wasn’t confident enough to shoulder the responsibility of a film. With this he felt more at ease, as it is a character that audiences know and liked, while the subject is also fun. The actor had earlier said that he’s often been ridiculed for taking the step to turn leading man, as people felt that he isn’t hero material. But they are not the only ones who are not fans of this transition. In the past, Rocking Star Yash had told Chikkanna to stay true to what he does best – comedy – and remain a supporting actor. But turns out, he’s chosen to disregard that.

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