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Upadhyaksha Twitter review – Chikkana presents full entertainment package, say netizens

A sequel to 2014’s Adhyaksha, Upadhyaksha has Chikkanna making the shift to protagonist

Upadhyaksha Twitter review – Chikkana presents full entertainment package, say netizens
Upadhyaksha marks Chikkanna's first as a leading man

Last Updated: 09.26 PM, Jan 26, 2024


Kannada cinema’s popular comedian Chikkanna has finally made the switch from supporting actor to lead hero with this week’s Upadhyaksha. Directed by Anil Kumar, Upadhyaksha is the sequel to the 2014 Adhyaksha, in which Chikkanna was the upadhyaksha to Sharan’s adhyaksha. While the 2014 film was about Sharan falling in love with Shivarudre Gowda’s (P Ravishankar) third daughter, in Upadhyaksha, Chikkanna falls in love with daughter number 4.

In keeping with Chikkanna’s image as a funny man, Upadhyaksha delivers a laughter riot, making it one of the best performing films among the January 26 Kannada releases. Netizens who’ve seen the film have taken to social media that as far as story goes, Upadhyaksha offers nothing new and that there isn’t anything to look forward to. But it’s in the comedy department that it scores big time, even though there are some double entendre jokes thrown in.

Upadhyaksha, according to audience reviews, is a “pakka paisa vasool” movie. A laughter riot, the film should be watched for Chikkanna and the references to some of the Kannada film industry’s leading men, like Darshan Thoogudeepa and Yash, among others, that the actor has worked with earlier. The film is the right choice for Chikkanna to have made the transition to leading man, feel fans.

Meanwhile, in earlier conversations with the media, the actor had said that he was widely ridiculed when news of him turning hero came. People, he said, felt that he isn’t hero material. But with Upadhyaksha, he decided to take the plunge, as it was a character that had already struck a chord with audiences. This, and the fact that the story was a lot of fun, is why Chikkanna took up the film as his debut as leading man, even though he had offers earlier as well.

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