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Upendra calls AJ Shetty, Ravi Basrur and Shivakumar the pillars of Kabzaa, but where are they?

According to the Real Star, the technicians of Kabzaa are the actual stars of the film, but they have not made a single public appearance during the promotions of the film yet

Upendra calls AJ Shetty, Ravi Basrur and Shivakumar the pillars of Kabzaa, but where are they?
Shivakumar, Ravi Basrur and AJ Shetty have been called the pillars of Kabzaa

Last Updated: 09.46 PM, Mar 11, 2023


Ever since Real Star Upendra began promoting his next, Kabzaa, one thing that he’s consistently said every time is that this is a film that is not about the stars in front of the camera, whether it is him, Sudeep or Shivarajkumar. Instead, he says, that the actual stars of Kabzaa are three others – cinematographer AJ Shetty, art director Shivakumar and music director Ravi Basrur. Although the visuals and the music have been called out for looking and sounding like KGF, this similarity is intentional, as the director R Chandru wanted his film to have such a vibe.


In the run-up to the film’s release, the team had released three songs and the trailer and has now started its final leg of promotions with pre-release events in key cities, but so far, these three ‘stars’ of Kabzaa have not been seen anywhere. In fact, Ravi Basrur did not make it to any song launch, even though a music event is his platform. Earlier today, during the Chennai leg of the film’s promotions, Upendra was finally asked why AJ Shetty, Shivakumar and Ravi Basrur were not present and that’s when he explained their absence.

One of the sets put up for Kabzaa
One of the sets put up for Kabzaa

Although Kabzaa has been censored and seems ready for release, these three gentlemen are still working on the final mix of the film with the DI (digital intermediate) and RR (re-recording) in process. AJ and Ravi, in particular are working at break-neck speed to ensure that the film can be sent to Chennai for satellite upload. Upendra assured the gathered crowd that when the team conducts success meets, it would be the stars behind the camera and not the ones in front who will be at the helm of affairs.

Kabzaa will be in theatres on March 17. Advance booking in India is yet to open, although at the Mumbai pre-release event, a representative from the partner exhibitor Cinepolis India said it would begin by March 10.

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