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Upgraded ending explained - Did Ana get exposed? Will her love for William endure?

Starring Camila Mendes, Archie Renaux and Marisa Tomei, Upgraded is currently streaming on Amazon Prime

Upgraded ending explained - Did Ana get exposed? Will her love for William endure?


Last Updated: 08.09 PM, May 31, 2024


Are you craving a romance-comedy that doesn't feel monotonous and is refreshing? Well, Amazon Prime Video’s new release, Upgraded, is a modern-day delightful twist, but unfortunately fails to deliver the same. Instead of offering a creative upgrade to the genre, it becomes a cliché. However, the first half of the movie will definitely keep you hooked with the brewing romance between an American woman and an Englishman and their daily struggles to hide their relationship due to societal barriers.

Upgraded plot

The story begins by introducing an ambitious art-intern named Ana Santos, who, after struggling in her career, gets a surprising chance to taste high-profile life when she scores a last-minute trip to London with her boss Claire Dupont. She lands on a first-class seat on the plane, next to a handsome man named William. Their charming encounter leads Ana to tell a huge lie about her identity that throws her into a whirlwind of high-society events, unexpected romance, and, at the end, her downfall.


How does Upgraded end?

The movie ends on an absolutely predictable note. Ana’s seemingly harmless lie gets exposed, which leads to consequences in both her professional and personal life. After Ana gets caught by her boss for saying that she is Claire Dupont throughout the trip, she faces contract termination and gets kicked out of the company. She also faces a tragic break up with William. However, Ana returns to New York and opens her own art gallery. After several months, William surprisingly visits Ana in New York, and they get back together without any explanation or link.

What does Upgraded's ending signify?

No doubt, Upgraded begins with all the charming elements that a romance drama demands. Predictable plot twists, brewing heartwarming romance, highlighting the scenic beauty of London, and the pulse-pounding hide-and-seek of the couple—everything was going well. However, despite being a cliched climax, it gives the message that dishonesty can never be a golden ticket to begin a career or even a serious relationship.

The narrative of Upgraded is not just a fictional story. Rather, it highlights the ‘fake it till you make it’ philosophy. It champions the idea that overconfidence and acting capable can pave the way for real success. The movie explores the journey of individuals who take a leap in faith, projecting an image of being experts while actively learning and growing. We can definitely say that the makers tried showing that embracing such an approach in life might unlock some exciting possibilities in life but will eventually push you down the stairs real hard.

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