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Uttarakaanda Teaser: Dhananjaya, Rohit Padaki promise a vibrant gangster tale

The highlight of the character-intro teaser remains the usage of the North Karnataka dialect and the profanities.

Uttarakaanda Teaser: Dhananjaya, Rohit Padaki promise a vibrant gangster tale
Daali Dhananjaya in Rohit Padaki's Uttarakaanda

Last Updated: 08.55 PM, Aug 22, 2023


Rohit Padaki and KRG Studios' Uttarakaanda promises to hand-hold us to the crummy yet bustling streets of Uttara Karnataka and the film's maiden video glimpse reveals just that. Conceived and executed as a two-part saga, the film stars Dhananjaya in the lead role whose character Gabru Sathya, in all likelihood, will become the talk of the town once the film is out.

Gabru Sathya is jolly, full of vim and vigour but also seemingly quite dangerous as he goes about town lighting up public buildings with bombs. He also has his broken red-tinted glasses and a stiff cigar with him at all times for that swagger-filled entry/exit.

More importantly, the highlight of the Uttarakaanda teaser is the essence of Uttarakarnataka with Rohit Padaki ensuring that the characters not only speak the dialect but also embody the essence of the place. The one-liners, laced with the trademark profanities of North Karnataka, are already a big hit among social media users.

Alongside, the same teaser also promises that the full-length film will have a lot of colour and humour as part of its world and as one social media user observed, there are hints of dark comedy as well. But more importantly, the film will most likely have a lot of thrills and whistle-worthy moments in store. The teaser belongs to the first instalment or the 'prologue' of the two-part series.


Of course, we cannot speak of the promo and not refer to Charan Raj's zesty soundtrack. Although the teaser offers only a small taste of it, one does hope sincerely to see him delivering at his absolute best. 

Uttarakaanda's cast also includes Ramya who makes a grand comeback to the big screen with the film. A special voice teaser was launched a few months ago during the muhurtha/launch ceremony of the film and many were pleasantly surprised to hear the Sandalwood Queen mouth punchy lines in the North Karnataka dialect. Her inclusion in the project has piqued the curiosity of the general public. 

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