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Varalaxmi Sarathkumar interview - 'Sabari will showcase me in a completely shocking new avatar'

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar plays the female lead in the Telugu movie Sabari. She plays a single mother in the family thriller that is directed by Anil Kaltz. 

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar interview - 'Sabari will showcase me in a completely shocking new avatar'

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

Last Updated: 10.23 AM, Apr 25, 2024


Varalaxmi Sarathkumar is one of the busiest actresses in Telugu cinema and is ready with her new film, Sabari, which is all set to release soon. She talks to us about the film, playing a mother,
the highlights of Sabari, getting engaged, and future projects. Here is the transcript.

The Varalaxmi Sarathkumar interview

How did this project materialise?

As you all know, my breakthrough film in Telugu was Krack with Ravi Teja. I was approached for Sabari even before Krack happened. The moment I listened to the script, I loved the way it challenged me as an actor, and in no time, I decided to work on the project even though it was being produced by newcomers.

What was it like working with a first-time producer and director?

Our producer, Narendra, is a sweetheart and spent a lot as if Sabari were a star-hero film. The director, Anil, is very clear in his craft and extracted a solid performance from me. I am sure that the audience will be surprised to see me in a completely new avatar.

You are known for your negative roles in Telugu films. Do you think the audience will welcome you in a mother's role?

Why not? Motherhood is an emotion for all of us, and I am sure the audience here will connect with the emotions and not the image I carry in Telugu cinema. Also, the subject matter in the film is so gripping that one does not have much time to think about all these aspects.

A still from Sabari
A still from Sabari

Tell us about your role in the Sabari...

I play a single mother who has issues with her husband. The mother-daughter relationship is showcased in an endearing manner, and the twists that the story throws bring out a new dimension in my character, Sabari. My role is unlike anything I have done so far in my career. That is also the main reason for me to accept the film in the first place.

What are the highlights of Sabari?

Sabari is a screenplay-driven film and has thrilling elements from start to finish. The mother-daughter emotion is one of the major highlights and the twist that this emotion brings will be a shock for the audience. The story is on point, and the thrills are unleashed from the first frame itself, creating a different vibe to the film.

What is your take about your image and popularity in Telugu cinema?

Telugu cinema has given me everything in life. I have shifted base to Hyderabad and am in the best phase of my life. The variety of roles I am being offered in Telugu cinema is giving me so much scope to showcase my acting skills. I am getting to work with some of the biggest stars and headline films, like Sabari. What else can I ask for?

On the sets of Sabari
On the sets of Sabari

When are you getting married?

I have found the love of my life through Nikolai. We are engaged and planning to get married this year. Nikolai is a very straightforward person who does not beat around the bush. He speaks his mind all the time, be it about my work or things in general. I am in the best phase of my life.

What about your future projects?

My new film, Kurma Nayaki, is ready for release soon. I play a key role in Dhanush's next, and there is Max with Kannada star Sudeep. I am also in discussions for three more Telugu films and will announce them soon. As of now, my entire concentration is on Sabari, and I am waiting to see how the audience receives my performance.

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