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Vinay Gowda on Drone Pratap – I would not have mellowed down or changed for him on Bigg Boss Kannada

Pratap had pipped Vinay Gowda during the Bigg Boss Kannada finale to finish as second runner-up, which came as a surprise to many

Vinay Gowda on Drone Pratap – I would not have mellowed down or changed for him on Bigg Boss Kannada
Vinay being mean to Karthik during the task

Last Updated: 04.45 PM, Feb 01, 2024


A large section of viewers of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 10 are convinced that Vinay Gowda was ‘cheated’ out of top 2 or even winner finish. While the eventual winner, Karthik Mahesh was also a frontrunner, the runner up, Drone Pratap, was a complete surprise to most. A finish with 2.2 crore votes to his credit.

Pratap, who was often at the receiving end of Vinay’s taunts and harsh comments, would not respond in the same vain, until the last week, when he began throwing punches. Vinay’s fans see this as a deliberate attempt to get him to react. While Vinay says that he is not entirely aware of how the show was perceived by viewers, inside the house, he admits that he has spoken harshly to Pratap, which is part and parcel of his nature. There was no way that he would have mellowed down or changed his personality for Pratap, Vinay has stated, speaking to National TV.

The Hara Hara Mahadev actor says that he has been brutally honest with Pratap in the tasks, calling him out when he didn’t perform and cheering him on when he did. The way he said either of those, says Vinay, would have been loud and harsh, but it never occurred to him that Pratap could piggyback on him to be in the limelight. Vinay says that he just reacted in word or action to whatever was happening inside the house and that he had no inkling that he was being used for the benefit of others.

In fact, during the finale, show host Kiccha Sudeep had wondered how Bigg Boss Kannada 10 would have been without Vinay, as the actor was responsible for a lot of the drama in the house, which, in effect, kept several other contestants in the spotlight as well.

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