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Wafa depicts a tale of love & betrayal; here's why you must stream the sultry web series on ULLU

All the 5 episodes of Wafa are currently available on ULLU. You can watch on OTTplay Premium at a reasonable price

Wafa depicts a tale of love & betrayal; here's why you must stream the sultry web series on ULLU


Last Updated: 03.47 PM, Apr 28, 2024


The captivating story of love, betrayal and extreme desire unfolds in Wafa, an erotic web series that has taken the ULLU platform by storm. Aayushi Jaiswal and Thea D'Souza’s powerful performances garnered immense appreciation. Debuted in 2021, Wafa captures viewers’ hearts not only in Hindi, but Tamil, Telugu and also in the Bengali language, letting a wide range of audiences experience the rollercoaster of emotions. Whether you are a lover of suspense or an intimate love story, Wafa’s 5 episodes promise to give you all.

Wafa story

The story of Wafa centres around a married couple, struggling with their deep unhappiness in their marital relationship. Their inability to be transparent with each other gives birth to uncountable lies and betrayals, giving rise to conflicts between them every other day. The secrecy begins to breed distance and dissatisfaction between them, leading the husband to find solace in other women and become involved in extramarital affairs.

Wafa unfolds the consequences of the husband and the wife’s individual choices. This kept viewers wondering about the couple's fate while enjoying the sensuous encounters between the husband and the other women.


All the 5 episodes of Wafa

Wafa Episode 1 – Happily Married 

Wafa Episode 2 – Heartbreak 

Wafa Episode 3 – No More Lies

 Wafa Episode 4 – Love at First Sight 

Wafa Episode 5 – Death Do Us Part

What does the trailer show?

The trailer begins with the husband showing his utter dislike of doing role-play while making love to his own wife. While yelling at her, he says that he just wants to be with the original husband, and not play like an outsider. Soon the wife interrupts and tells him that role-play is actually a very fun and enjoyable thing for her. This keeps a relationship healthy. The husband does not like the attitude of his wife and leaves the room.

In the next scene, we get to see the husband hiring a man to have intimate moments with his wife, while keeping it a secret from her. The scene also reveals that the husband is already betraying the wife with another woman. Lastly, the trailer gives another shocking hint that the wife joins hands with the hired man and says in her mind that she loves to make different sensuous stories. What could the wife and the hired man possibly do to the husband? To know more, watch Wafa only on ULLU. You can also watch the web series through OTTplay Premium at an affordable price.

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